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   Chapter 145 Assimilation Of The Spiritual Energy

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From the moment he touched it, Darren began to assimilate the spiritual energy stored in the cardiac cores.

As the demonic monster's cardiac core contained an enormous amount of spiritual energy, Darren's absorption speed was insufficient to assimilate all the spiritual energy quickly. Moreover, he had to leave a little spiritual energy in the core to retain its shape, or else it would crumble, and his plan would be exposed.

Once Darren had almost absorbed all the spiritual energy contained in the first cardiac core, he pretended to be greatly surprised and shouted, "It's impossible! This is a genuine cardiac core of a demonic monster!"

Jack sneered when he saw Darren's surprised expression. "Such an ignorant buffoon," Jack snorted.

With a feigned look of embarrassment, Darren gabbled, "I have to examine each core. How could you kill so many demonic monsters? I don't believe that you are so powerful. There must be some diabolic beasts' cardiac cores mixed with the monster cores!"

Darren's exclamation surprised Jack. Being weak was one thing, but being ignorant? Jack's opinion of Darren fell more. 'I just killed several demonic monsters. Does my strength frighten you?' he wondered.

"This is my strength. This is how strong I am. Does that frighten you?" Inflated with pride, Jack looked forward to seeing Darren's stunned expression when he completed checking all the cores.

Ignoring Jack's words, Darren threw the demonic monster's cardiac core from which he had assimilated almost all its spiritual energy back into Jack's bag. Darren smiled as he said, "Watch closely. I have returned the demonic monster's cardiac core!"

Darren picked up another cardiac core and pretended to observe it carefully. However, he was assimilating its spiritual energy as quickly as he could. Jack stood by Darren's side, unaware of what Darren was doing. For Jack, he wished Darren could waste all of his time checking the cores. By then he would win out directly because Darren would have no more time to get the cores. Then he would challenge Darren first and kill him with one blow!

One by one, Darren placed his hand on each cardiac core. Each time, he absorbed almost all the spiritual energy in each demonic monster's cardiac core. He was extremely careful not to assimilate all the spiritual energy in a cardiac core as he wanted the cores to retain their shape. Then, he tossed them back in Jack's bag.

Forty-five minutes passed before Darren had assimilated the spiritual energy from around fifty cardiac cores.

Now, he felt as though his elixir field was about to burst. There had been no time for him to transform the spiritual energy into demonic internal force and sword intent.

'I have assimilated spiritual en

not much time left, Darren decided to practice the Cracking Attack for the last time! His blade dashed against the depth of the cavern.


Darren was surprised as tremendous blade intent rampaged through the cavern.

'It turned out that the moves of the Spectral Blade Skill should be matched with its formulas! This stroke is three times more powerful than before!' Darren was exhilarated.

One blow had helped Darren to kill at least five giant bats.

'Fantastic! This should be called supernatural martial skill. My blade intent might become more powerful than my sword intent if I can comprehend more levels of the formulas and moves.'

This was the advantage of the supernatural martial skill!

"No more delays. Die!" Darren shouted.

This time Darren dispatched both sword and blade intent. His strength was more powerful than before—a simple blow had killed over twenty giant bats.

Of course, Darren took every chance to assimilate the bats' talent. Although his talent improved as he absorbed theirs, Darren was still far from level five of the Earth Degree.

Time was running out. Darren collected all the demonic monster's cardiac cores and rushed out of the cavern. He needed to get back to where the disciples of the Holy Land had gathered.

Soon, Darren reached the spot where he had left before.

"Put them away. We will be teleported back soon," Darren said in a flat voice.

"How is this possible?"

Seeing that Darren had collected over sixty demonic monster's cardiac cores, the disciples were stunned. Their mouths opened in surprise.

'Darren's strength is far beyond our imagination. How could he kill so many demonic monsters in such a short time without any sign of fatigue? Is he more powerful than Jack?' Those disciples looked at each other, speechless, pondering silently!

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