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   Chapter 144 Show Off (Part Two)

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His companion nodded after giving it a thought. "You have a point. Looks like the rules are reasonable, after all." "They are," Darren said. "If we only hunt high level prey to get more points, we might lose in the end because we would have used so much time and energy just to get it done. But if we only focus on dealing with low level prey, we might not be able to earn enough points to win as well. We have to find some kind of balance." The rest of them finally understood how tricky the rules were based on Darren's explanation.

"Ha-ha. Nice work, but what's the point of all this analyzing stuff? You're wasting time. Have you found lots of level one demonic monsters? Nobody dares to answer, so I guess that's a no. You haven't found lots of level one demonic monsters, but I did,"

Jack interrupted, suddenly showing up in front of them with his head held high.

"Don't be so cocky. You don't have any companion. All you can do is kill several level one demonic monsters, And you know what? We've already gotten more than 200 points. We'll win this hunting competition," one of the disciples of Lotus Holy Land snapped.

"Oh? Are you sure?" Jack countered with a cold smile. He opened a bag and a pile of cardiac cores of different colors dropped to the ground.

"These are all demonic monster's cardiac cores I got," he went on, showing off his work.

Dumbfounded, the disciples of Lotus Holy Land stared at over fifty cardiac cores with wide eyes, unable to believe that Jack actually managed to collect so many.

Even Darren was taken aback.

'It means he hunted over fifty level one demonic monsters within four hours. It looks like he is more powerful than I imagined. But the question is, where did he find so many demonic monsters?

These demonic monsters' cardiac cores ar

he wouldn't be able to catch up or even earn more points than him. It was a strategy that he had to religiously follow, or else he might lose this in competition.

"Stop!" Jack exclaimed, not wanting Darren to make another step. "You dare suspect me of cheating? Fine, I will let you examine them. It's not like you have the guts to steal them anyway," he added to mask the uncomfortable knot in his stomach.

He was aware that fights were not allowed there. Besides, the bag he used to keep cardiac cores wasn't some common bag. It could take all the diabolic beasts' cardiac cores back in a heartbeat. Even if Darren were to make an attempt to take them, he would only be able to get one, not all.

"Great! I'll make sure your true colors will be shown to the rest," Darren said, trying to stop himself from smiling. He went back to where Jack was standing. It was actually hard to keep a straight face as he got nearer.

He then approached the pile of cardiac cores that Jack collected. He bent down, picked one up, and pretended to examine it. Knowing that the others couldn't see his expression, he allowed a small smile to reach his lips as he assimilated the talent of the cardiac cores.

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