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   Chapter 143 Show Off (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-09-30 00:02

In the area of demonic monsters, Darren and his companions, who were hiding atop a towering tree, watched with interest as three demonic monsters hit their prey. It was beyond amusing.

"Darren, Rory is really physically strong. He is still alive."

Darren laughed and responded, "Those demonic monsters are smart. They are just playing with Rory. If they were serious, he would have already been beaten to a pulp. The demonic monsters were going easy on him."

Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, a strong wind blew, causing them to hold on to a branch to avoid falling off. They narrowed their eyes in the direction where the force seemingly came from. A figure that exuded a strong aura showed up in the woods, not far from where they were hiding.

"Go to hell, you beasts!"

With an angry shout, the man swung his arm and gave the demonic monsters a punch that was so strong that they flew a few meters away and crashed into a trunk of a tree. They twitched around madly before their legs gave in, sending them falling face first onto the ground. Darren noticed how their breathing had stopped by then. The demonic monsters were dead.

"That was so horrible!" the outer disciples of Lotus Holy Land exclaimed with terror in their eyes. They couldn't believe what they just witnessed.

They held their breath and thought, 'He slaughtered three level 3 demonic monsters with a single move.'

"What's going on? He is the chief of the Wei Family. What is he doing here?" one of them said, squinting his eyes.

They were anxious. After all, they tricked the members of the Wei Family and got them killed.

"Don't panic. I'll go ahead and take a look to see what's going on," Darren responded, resting his eyes on Clive. Unlike his companions, the sudden arrival of the chief didn't send him into panic. 'The four members of the Wei Family a

and hadn't encountered anyone that dared to get in their way. So far, they had only slaughtered over a hundred diabolic beasts, earning them more than a hundred points.

"Darren, I think we should focus on diabolic beasts. We only get ten points after taking out a level one demonic monster. It's not rewarding enough. Who would be stupid to look for demonic monsters? I think the hunting rules are unreasonable," one of Darren's companions complained, seemingly unable to keep his thoughts to himself.

"You're wrong." Darren shook his head and continued, "You think hunting diabolic beasts is the best way to earn points because they are easy to find and there are lots of them, but if the two geniuses of the Ancient Families can find enough level one demonic monsters, they will earn more points than what we have gathered so far—all in such a short amount of time."

"On the other hand, running into lots of level two demonic monsters would be quite disadvantageous for them. Level-two demonic monsters are much stronger than level one demonic monsters. Killing one level two demonic monster would cost them too much energy and time. It would only earn them about twenty points, so I don't think it's worthwhile," he added.

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