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   Chapter 142 Courting Death

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Darren detected several demonic monsters. He approached the guarding diabolic beasts instead of trapping the demonic monster to kill them.

"Stay away from me, and try your best to avoid the diabolic beast cores when they are cast here." Darren warned them in a soft voice, concerned about his allies.

"Sure, don't worry about us." "Do you want to make the beasts the instrument of the crime?" asked Sven when he heard what Darren said.

The rest of the people began to understand Darren's point through Sven's words.

Darren planned to kill these young men who belonged to the Ancient Family by using those beasts.

The crowd walked away from Darren discreetly, being careful not to alarm the people.

Darren concealed his strength and walked towards the diabolic beasts.

"Watch out! That boy is moving, prepare yourselves!" A man from one of the families observed Darren's action carefully.

"We should get closer to him so that we can steal the core easier!"

Then they slowly moved about 10 meters closer to Darren. But they could only sense the diabolic beasts and weren't aware of the other demonic monsters thousands of feet away.

"Hey kid, get started! We are here to cheer you up!"

"What on earth are you guys doing now?" Darren responded angrily.

"What are we doing? Nothing, aren't we allow to observe how you are going to kill the diabolic beasts? If you think you can hit us, come and kill us! Come on and try! Ha-ha!"

Some of them challenged Darren unscrupulously. They thought Darren dared not to attack them. Besides, they assumed that Rory would be ready to back them up.

However, Rory stood with his arms folded as if he was merely enjoying the show. He was not even exerting any effort to assess his surroundings.

"You are taking a great risk if you plan on stealing the diabolic beast cores from me." Darren shouted indignantly but jeered inwardly.

"Oh God bless us! We surely do not!"

"Wow, so terrifying, you can almost frighten us to death!"

they sneered sarcastically.

"It's up to you guys. I don't want to hear you say I didn't warn you when this is all said and done."

Darren dashed forward and hit his palm against the head of a diabolic beast as he spoke.


The diabolic beast's head exploded from the great force and a cardiac core broke out as Darren squeezed tightly.

Darren then leapt over and grabbed the cardiac core in his hand before the men around him could even react.

"Damn it, he's insanely fast! It's too late for us now!"

The young men immediately regretted their decision.

Darren kicked one of the heads of diabolic beasts as he saw that they were still stunned to take any actions.


That diabolic beast's head exploded like the other one just did.

But this time Darren threw the cardiac core a hundred meters far away behind the crowd and acted as if it was an accident.

The men from the families rushed towards the cardiac core with eagerness.

The first

his paw when he used his bloodline force."

Rory was much stronger after transformation and his bloodline burst. But his strength was still far from equal to the three monsters. They waved his body here and there without any difficulty.


On the square of the Lotus Holy Land, far away from battlefield.

"Four Wei disciples have just been killed." Holy Lord Landon knew about their death from the imprints he left on these disciples.

"What the hell!" The Chief of Wei Clan stomped the ground into piece, furious about Landon's news. "Who did it?"

Thunderbolt flashed on Landon's body as he responded coldly. "You have to calm down. They were killed by demonic monsters. The genius from your family is at stake now."

The Chief of Wei Clan was astonished. "I must go and save while we still have time!"

"That would be unfair, Clive. Are you sure about what you are about to do? Is helping them with hunting the right move?" Colin wanted to delay him, feeling pleased as he saw his anxiety.

"Bullshit! How could I do such things? Open the transmission array for me, or you would face trouble from me." Clive stared at Colin firmly.

"Hump, is that a threat? What can you possibly do if I refuse to open the transmission array?" Colin was not afraid. He, a Wonder Realm master, could fight Clive and make him spend a great amount of time even if Clive used his ancient bloodline.

"You!" Clive was trembling violently with anger.

"Let him go. You have to stick to the rules." Holy Lord Landon persuaded. He did not want anybody to ruin the bet. He wanted to see who would win the laurel.

"It is for the sake of the Holy Lord that I shall give you a quarter of an hour. Hurry up and move now. Hump!" Colin didn't have anything to say, so he agreed to send him in.

Clive did not dare curse back. He went in the transmission array as fast as he could. Colin ordered his disciples to open the transmission array unhurriedly and sent Clive to his destination.

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