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   Chapter 141 Unwanted Followers (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-09-29 14:24

"Everyone! Catch the monster core!"

Above the marsh, when the outer disciples heard the familiar voice, they all got excited. It was Darren and he was alive and safe.

They only knew that there was a big fight under the marsh, but sadly, they couldn't see anything clear. They had thought that the mud crocodile had killed Darren. Blast! It was the other way around. They didn't expect at all that in the next minute, a beautiful monster core flew out of the marsh. They were all relieved as they heard Darren's command to catch the monster core. It was evident that Darren had killed the demonic monster! How could they not be surprised? It was a do-or-die fight.

Deep in the marsh, Darren was quickly collecting the diabolic beast cores left by the mud crocodiles. There were about one hundred of them. It meant that he now had about one hundred points. It was easier than killing a demonic monster. His efforts were not in vain as his level was higher now.

After that, Darren flew out of the marsh, with a big smile on his face. But it didn't last long as he noticed his messy state now. He stopped mid-air, using his power to shake off the mud on his clothes. In the blink of an eye, his clothes became clean and dry again. He looked like he had never gotten dragged into the marsh by the king of mud crocodiles. No trace of the dispute earlier could be found.

"Hahaha. You are really something else. Unfortunately, the monster core belongs to us now." Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice broke the silence, making Darren surprised.

Hearing it, Darren immediately turned his head to look at the person who talked. He was a disciple from the Ancient Family, and he was holding a monster core in his hand, looking at Darren with a smirk on his face. But Darren maintained an expressionless face with a deadly stare.

"Darren, he's a sneaky bastard! He has been hiding around the whole

llowed Darren in silence. However, they did not fail to notice Rory's group following them.

"Darren, they are following us. What should we do?" an outer disciple said nervously.

Hearing the words, Darren turned his head around and found that it was true. His eyes immediately darkened when he realized what they wanted to do. He couldn't help but clench his teeth to suppress his anger.

"Well, if they are going to follow us, I will surely make them pay with their lives! It was a mistake that I let go of them earlier.

Listen, after we get into the dry forest, as soon as we find a demonic monster, you all just get away from me. You immediately find a place to hide, all right?"

Darren instructed. The outer disciples were all confused, but they all believed in Darren. So they just nodded their heads and restrained being stubborn as they feared for their lives as well.

Soon, they arrived at the dry forest. Darren used his spiritual sense and found that there were a few demonic monsters sound asleep not far away. He could tell that they were powerful. It might bring them tons of points. He felt delighted with that thought.

Meanwhile, Rory and his people were secretly following them, waiting to snatch the cores out of Darren's hand.

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