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   Chapter 140 Unwanted Followers (Part One)

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Under any other conditions, meeting a level one demonic monster would have not concerned the outer disciples of the Holy Land this much. But they were in the marsh right now. It was the home of mud crocodiles. Here, it was multiple times more powerful than when it was outside the marsh. And that was why they were so afraid. It would be a long fight for them.

An atrocious aura washed over Darren. With all might, he gathered all of his strength and prepared to attack. He took a deep breath as he stared at the king. He stood above the mud crocodile and brandished his sword. Then, his powerful sword intent went after the mud crocodile.


With a loud roar, the king of mud crocodiles felt the frightening sword intent coming from Darren. It immediately turned around and dived into the marsh, hiding in fear. Darren could only blink his eyes in confusion as he didn't expect that the mud crocodile would curl its tail and back-out.

"Huh? What happened? I can't feel its aura. Its aura completely disappeared? That fast?" Darren felt that the mud crocodile had completely disappeared in just a poof, leaving without a trace.

"Fantastic! How powerful his sword intent is! The king of the mud crocodiles is gone!" The outer disciples, who had been standing beside and saw Darren drive the king of mud crocodiles away with his sword, all gasped in an admiring tone. Before, they were shaking in fear of the king of mud crocodiles, but now, they were relieved as they could not feel its aura at all.

However, the game was still not over yet. Darren felt strange all of a sudden. Right after all of them let their guard down after the mud crocodile disappeared, it rushed out of the marsh in a very quick speed, charging towards the outer disciples of the Holy Land. It was a surprise attack!

"Oh damn it! It's cleverer than I thought. It chose to avoid me and attack them instead! This is not good." The look on Darren's face immediately changed. Wasting no time, he charged towards it in a flash.


The king of m

squinted carefully. He could feel that the aura of the king of mud crocodiles got stronger. However, Darren would not let this mere creature overpower him.

'It's not the best time to idle and waste time on it. I have to finish it and get out of here. It will be worse if we draw the attention of more powerful demonic monsters. Besides, I only have six hours left for the hunt!'

Thinking of this, Darren used the demon core and immediately, the demonic internal force filled his meridians. He was like a demonic god right now! He was way stronger than he was earlier.

"You have to die now!"

Using his demonic internal force, Darren charged and curled his fist hard. Then he punched the king of mud crocodile dreadfully.

But much to his surprise, the king of mud crocodiles didn't even dodge. It was confident that its teeth were the strongest weapon in the world, and nothing could break them. To the king of mud crocodiles, a mere punch could never surpass its hardness.

Unluckily for it, it realized that it was wrong the next second.


Its strong teeth all broke into splinters because Darren's powerful punch smashed its head into pieces. Where were those invincible teeth it was boasting earlier?

The monster core of the king of mud crocodiles also flew into the sky by the power of his punch. It was not a mere punch at all.

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