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   Chapter 138 Making A Decision!

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Diana's reaction surprised both Colin and Lino. Only a few things could stir up a Holy Lord's emotions—the Omnipotent Talent Skill that Darren mentioned couldn't have been a simple thing.

"Darren, have you truly grasped the inheritance skill of the Dragon?" When Diana stood up, her cyan-colored dress danced in the wind—she looked beautiful.

"Distinguished Holy Lord, I've inherited the skill of the dragon blood through an adventure. I spoke the truth." Unsurprisingly, Darren didn't reveal how he got the skill through assimilation. It was a secret that not even Elsa knew about him.

"That's excellent!" The smile on Diana's face was bright and rare. Then, she continued, "Darren, as far as I know, the inheritance skill of the Dragon can divide people into hundreds of different avatars, all at the peak of power. How many avatars can you create now?"

Although Diana knew many things, she was wrong about one thing.

From what Darren knew, when a cultivator's true inheritance skill of the Dragon reached a high level, he could create millions or even more avatars. When the skill was at its highest level, those avatars could become one. "At the moment, I'm still a bit of a beginner," Darren answered with candor. "I can only create one avatar with my best combat power."

The bronze mask that Colin gave Darren could improve his strength, but could only increase his combat power. For instance, by wearing the mask, a cultivator at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm could increase his combat power by thirty percent.

The difference was that Darren's Avatar Skill could create one avatar with his best combat power in an instant, equivalent to doubling Darren's peak combat power. The two skills weren't the same thing.

"To create an avatar with your best combat power? Darren, if you really own that skill… That would be amazing!" Colin cried heartily.

"Darren, could you show us that skill? Give us a taste of what you're capable of." Lino couldn't wait to see it for himself.

But Darren shook his head in embarrassment and then turned to Diana. "Holy Lord, you should know that my skill requires the burning of blood essence to create the avatar…it's very self-damaging. If I perform this power now, my strength will probably wane when I take part in the competition."

Indeed, Darren's Blood Dragon Phantom couldn't be launched so casually. Its biggest disadvantage was the need to be mobilized by blood essence.

"Yes, that's right when it comes to the inheritance skill of the Dragon," Diana said, realizing that she should have known better. "I would say Darren's chances of winning would be over fifty percent against the talent of the Ji family."

Previously, Diana estimated a less-than-twenty percent chance of Darren defeating the talent of the Ji family, but now he had the means to win. It was clear that when two of Darren with his best combat power worked together, it would result in something greater than the sum of two Darren working alone.

However, Darren was going to have to overcome not just one, but three talents who owned the bloodline inheritance. In spite of eve

d and continued, "I just want to get one thing straight here. Since you have invited me to bear witness, once you both agree to the bet, you must abide by the rules. Otherwise, I will break the very rules of the Holy Land and join forces with the victorious side!"

A rule in the Holy Land prevented forces from joining together and going against each other.

But regardless of that, Holy Lord Landon was considered the strongest in the Holy Land.

Once they made the bet, they would be left with no choice but to follow the rules if they wanted to survive. If they failed to do so, the losing party would be suppressed by two extremely powerful forces simultaneously—it would be completely obliterated.

After heeding the warning, the three chiefs broke out in a cold sweat, unable to make up their minds.

"Chief, there's nothing to worry about. It's a great opportunity!"

"Take on the bet, Chief. We can easily win this time."

While the chiefs hesitated, the younger generation of the Ancient Families couldn't be more excited—they didn't understand why their chiefs were hesitant at all when the competition already had a practically decided result. To these younger ones, their chiefs were too timid.

After pondering for a long moment, in the end, the chiefs couldn't resist the chance of getting the lotus. Giving in to the temptation, they made a statement in succession.

"Our Yu family accepts this bet!"

"Our Wei family agrees!"

"Our Ji family will go through with this!"

Having accepted the bet, they all felt relieved. It was a three-on-one contest and their contestants were the strongest talents under the age of twenty. With that in mind, the chiefs realized that they had no reason to hesitate.

"Okay!" Landon shouted. "I will be your witness!"

It would seem that the bet excited even Landon. With that, he released his momentum and rays of purple lightning fell from the sky, flying between heaven and earth—its boundless pressure made people tremble.

Having seen Holy Lord Landon's strength, who would dare break the rules of the game?

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