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   Chapter 137 Discussion (Part Two)

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"I did have some unusual experience. And the possible disadvantages of cultivating the skills of the blade and the sword at the same time have been temporarily oppressed for now. As per my real strength, by all means, please find out yourself, Master Bi," Darren said with great respect.

"Alright then, come at me with your most powerful strength," Diana replied, nodding her head in agreement.

"Okay. Please excuse my offense then,"

Darren said. In an instant, the sword core in his body started to rotate quickly and the blade intent in his meridian became activated.

Suddenly, both his blade and his sword started flying in the direction of Diana.

As the powerful sword and blade intents burst out, the whole palace was filled with the shadows of the blade and sword.

Colin and Lino could not believe their eyes. They were so immensely surprised by Darren's move. It blew their minds how Darren could use the blade intent and sword intent at the same time, making himself ten times stronger than a cultivator who could only use a single intent.

Diana gracefully stretched out her palm and waved her hand in the air slightly. On her cue, a cyan lotus appeared and started drifting towards the shadows of the blade and the sword.

The two powers collided without any sound but when they met, the cyan lotus grew bigger as the blade and sword intents started slowly disappearing.

Once the blade intent and the sword intent had completely disappeared, Diana said with pity, "Wow, they really are immensely powerful. But one thing you should take note of is that your blade intent is too weak. Otherwise your power can still

works. You will not always have the time to improve," Lino said with a sigh.

Darren let out a bitter laugh, fully aware that he was misunderstood by the others. And so he explained, "You misunderstood me. I didn't mean that I had the potential to be strong one day. What I meant by potential was that I had learned the Omnipotent Talent Skill following the Avatar Rule!"

"Omnipotent Talent Skill? You should not joke in the presence of the Holy Lord!" Collin said in an effort to stop Darren at once.

Everyone knew that the only way a cultivator could have the chance to learn some Omnipotent Talent Skills was if he had already broken through to the Wonder Realm. How could Darren possibly learn that when he was only in the beginning stage of the Mysterious Realm?

"I'm definitely not joking. The Talent Skill I learned is called Blood Dragon Phantom!" Darren said with a serious look on his face.

"The inheritance skill of the Dragon?" Diana exclaimed. She was so surprised by hearing the name of the talent skill said by Darren that she couldn't stop herself from standing up.

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