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   Chapter 136 Discussion (Part One)

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When Colin and Lino heard the voice of the Holy Lord, both of them were utterly confused. How could the Holy Lord give her consent?

After a while, Lino turned to Colin with an inconceivable expression. He walked over to Colin and asked, "Why do you think this is happening? I only just reported what happened to Darren to the Holy Lord. I did not expect that she would make such a decision. A pretty hasty decision, if you ask me."

Colin knew how strong Darren was, but never, in a million years, did he expect that their Holy Lord would get on board with such a huge bet. He knew that Darren was thinking the same thing, so he turned to Darren and said, "Come on. You and I should go and see our Holy Lord so that we can have a proper discussion before making a decision."

Darren nodded in agreement. Lino also found himself on the same page as the two. They all knew how important it was that they should talk to the Holy Lord in person about this case.

"Everyone, we need to meet our Holy Lord to discuss the bet in detail. Please wait here for a moment," Colin said to the chiefs.

The chiefs could not help but be surprised at what they heard. Did they really want to discuss the bet with the Holy Lord? Why on earth would they do that? Was there actually a possibility that they would approve the bet? Was there anything they were counting on?

As they thought of all the things that could go wrong, the chiefs' worries started to grow.

But they had already spoken out, and there was no way they were going to show that they were frightened by their opponent. Besides, even though their opponent was strong, he was still only a young man less than twenty years old. They might just be trying to find an excuse to change the bet!

"Humph! Fine! Go ahead a

forward and said, "Holy Lord, you should know that Darren was able to pass the supreme disciple election a few days ago. Therefore he should actually be a supreme disciple now. But he wanted, more than anything to attend this competition, so he entered the outer part instead."

Upon hearing what Colin said, Lino was astonished. How could someone as young as Darren pass the supreme disciple election?

Diana nodded her head and said calmly, "Yes, I found out that day as well. To be honest, Darren's strength and potential have exceeded my expectation. I knew he was strong, but I did not know that he was that strong."

Colin nodded and thought to himself that the spiritual sense of the Holy Lord must be so powerful that the moment someone passed the supreme disciple election, she was the first one to find out.

"Darren, I want you to show me your real power. No one else has ever cultivated the skills of the blade and the sword at the same time. It has always been so dangerous that all the cultivators who dared to try have died. But not you. You're different. I want to know what unusual experience you had that gave you that ability," Diana said to Darren calmly.

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