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   Chapter 135 Increase The Wager

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"It's up to you, Belle."

Everyone seemed amazed by Diana letting Belle decide.

The tournament would go on if Belle proposed to continue their bet. Diana thought that Belle would end up marrying into one of the three Ancient Families if that was the case. Should Belle want Diana to stop the bet, Diana would rob the magic spring water of the three Ancient Families.

Upon hearing what Diana said, Darren was even more impressed and appreciated Diana for what she had done. Not all the Holy Lords would be brave enough to make the same decision Diana did for the well-being of one disciple. After all, Diana would pay a heavy price or even lose her sect for her decision.

"I..." Belle uttered, hesitant and confused.

Now she had three choices to choose from: to be married to a member of an Ancient Family present; continue the tournament, but the chances of winning the contest were slim; Diana forcibly took the magic spring water from the Ancient Families.

Her sect would pay a heavy price if Belle chose the third option. It would mean that Diana declared war on three Ancient Families. Lotus Holy Land would end up with the same fate as with the Ancient Dragon Holy Land. Even if they could win the war, they would still suffer a tremendous loss.

Hence, she could never choose the last option.

"I will marry into the Yu Family," Belle finally responded.

When they heard her decision, many people present felt relieved. If Lotus Holy Land would oppose the three Ancient Families, the two parties would pay the price.

"Belle, do you trust me on this?"

The masked teenager slowly revealed himself and took off his mask.

When Belle saw his face, she was taken aback. It felt like time stood still.

It felt like there were only her and the lad in the world, and everything seemed to blur.

"Brother..." she muttered, staring at the young man. She felt a lump in her throat and felt a sudden rush.

After a long while, she dashed forward and hugged the teenager. Her cheeks were bathed in tears.

"Darren, I can't believe my eyes. It's you. It is you! I've missed you so much," she gushed, bursting into tears. When she first saw the masked lad, Darren's figure entered her mind. But she shrugged off the thought and convinced herself that the lad couldn't be her brother for she didn't think he could be fit to be an outer disciple

ing it as a bet?

What could Lotus Holy Land possibly bet? There is one thing that can match up to their magic spring—the sacred lotus. It never deteriorates, ' he mused.

"You want us to bet our sacred lotus? Are you for real?" Lino scorned.

"Precisely. The winner can marry the Holy Maiden and acquire the sacred lotus at the same time. What do you think?" the chief of the Yu family replied.

'Are you kidding? We will not use our sacred lotus as a wager, ' Lino and Colin pondered.

Although their wager was tempting, Colin and Lino wouldn't bet the precious treasure of their sect.

"Not a chance. It won't happen. Do you think we are out of our minds? We stand no chance to win, why would we do that? That's preposterous!" Lino refused immediately.

"Sir, I think we can give it a try," Darren whispered to Lino and Colin after walking to their side.

"Go away. Who the hell are you? How dare you? What right do you have to say that?" Lino huffed, thinking Darren had lost his mind.

"I don't think my best skill is less powerful than their so-called bloodline," Darren responded calmly. Releasing the blade intent and sword intent, he grabbed Lino by the hand to let him sense his blade and sword intents secretly.

'What the hell?' Lino's heart skipped a beat in astonishment. 'How, how could he master sword intent and blade intent at the same time?'

Shocked as he was, he didn't show it on his face. He filled Diana in on the new bet secretly.

"Tell them we are in."

Diana's voice lingered in Colin's and Lino's heads after a long silence.

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