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   Chapter 134 The Confrontation

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As her heart started to palpitate upon hearing that manly voice, Belle was suddenly stunned. With unexplained nostalgia, she felt eerie yet immersed with his voice. It was as if the voice triggered something in her memory, which should be impossible by now. Goosebumps were on her skin as the voice was familiar to her.

"You... who are you? Do I know you?" Belle asked softly, neglecting the strange feelings messing up in her state.

"Knowing my name would not benefit you. You must know that this competition will continue, so don't give up right away so easily. Alright?" Darren answered with a softer tone.

"Continue? How should we continue? We are a hopeless case." Belle stood up and looked at the masked man. Tears in her eyes streamed down her rosy cheeks, making Darren's heart soften a bit.

"This competition is obviously pointless. How should we continue? And how could we win?" Belle whined more as her shrilling voice echoed in the square. Her mental state was unstable and shaken, close to insanity.

"Tell me mister, who will show mercy to my master and save her life? Of course, no one will," she said and lost almost all of her strength, making her kneel on the ground. Her cries became wilder.

As Belle lost her composure already, Diana's face cooled down. Belle's breakdown was so intense that she had no choice but to restrain herself from bursting out either. She took a glance at Belle, stepped on the green lotus and floated towards her. With a cold tune, she commanded, "Get up now, Belle."

But Belle cried as a response to Diana as if she had forgotten everything that was happening now. The only thing left to her that she could think of was desperation.

After a while, Diana bowed her head and stared at Belle. She was hesitant but what must be done should be done. With an infernal light flashing in her eyes, her thunder-like voice screamed, "Colin, get the magic spring water for me!"

After this contest, the three Ancient Families would send the magic spring water to the Lotus Holy Land whether they won or not. The significance of this gambling was just to decide which family would Belle belong to. Otherwise, the Ancient Families would not require the contest to be attended only by the outer disciples. Thus, they all brought the magic spring water with them, only to be stolen by Diana right now.

Everyone was surprised with Diana's command. Some were wide-eyed, while some dropped their jaws in too much shock.

However, hearing the Holy Lord's command made Colin doubtful. He looked at Diana intensively and dubiously and asked, "Madam, what do you mean?"

"Grab!" Diana answered abruptly. As Diana's cold voice came out and lingered on the square, she immediately commanded right after, "Where are the Left Guard and the Right Guard and the four elders? Get the magic spring water for me as I commanded. Kill everyone who resists! No mercy!"

Everyone was now in a panic. With the command of the Holy Lord, several people with strong breaths came from the air and landed on the square.

"You wench! How dare you!"

The chiefs of the three Ancient Families changed their faces dramatically and rushed to the air in succession. Fighting was the only resort now.

"Diana Bi, how foolish can you be? Do you think that with the strength of our three familie

soning out, Diana stood in the air coldly and didn't say anything.

Seeing this situation, Lino, who was exactly the old man who persuaded Diana before, completely explained the original story to Lord Landon.

"Chiefs, your magic spring water is not only very precious, but it is also necessary to share some to Elder Xenia and save her life. Moreover, I believe that Lord Diana will offer a sufficient amount of gifts in return," Holy Lord Landon persuaded then after he knew what had happened. Mending Diana's mess was the first thing he should do. Adding up fuel to the fire would only worsen everything.

"It's impossible, absolutely impossible. She dared to challenge us!" At the same time, the three chiefs denied. "Either exchange with the Holy Maiden, or we will let it be!"

Seeing that the three people disagreed, Lord Landon knew he had no such a right to force them. After all, Holy Lords must not dwell with this matter. As a compromise, he said, "Well, then, according to your previous agreement, the competition will be conducted. But for the sake of fairness, I propose that the Lotus Holy Land can be allowed to dispatch their inner disciples. What do you think?"

"Sir, you are embarrassing us," the chief of the Yu Clan replied firmly, obviously rejecting the suggestion. It was a rude thing to ask from a Holy Lord in the first place.

"Sir, please forgive my rudeness. We shall continue the gambling. Please cease from your anger," Darren stood out and announced in a loud voice at this time. This was the only way he could think of to cease the fight among the Holy Lords and chiefs.

Belle was also horrified by the movement she had caused just now. Hearing what the young man with the mask said, she dared not to stand out against it. The bitterness on her face showed her desperation. It was undeniable and evident from her. She thought, 'If the Holy Lord really robbed the magic spring water, I'm afraid I would have caused a bloody catastrophe. It's horrible to even think about it.'

At this point, the three Ancient Families refused to give in. Darren's words gave everyone a step to step down. The point was how Diana would act. However, no one could predict her mind.

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