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   Chapter 133 The Holy Maiden Gave In (Part Two)

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"A hundred thousand pounds of force." Darren estimated the force in an attempt to quantify it. He was not surprised by the result at all. 'If I try my best, I can easily crush the stone as well, ' he thought.

Soon after, Kevin Ji and Rory Wei recovered from being caught off guard.

"You have exerted your Bloodline Force and ended up with only a hundred thousand pounds of force. Jack, it seems that I may have overestimated you," Rory Wei walked out and said. Then he spoke louder, "Mr. Li, please replace the Force Testing Stone with a new one. I would also like to have a try!"

Colin asked somebody to fulfill his request. Soon after, a harder Force Testing Stone was moved to the square.

"This is how it's supposed to be done!" Rory Wei said.

Then he went closer to the stone, with a great deal of ancient force bursting out of his body.

"Divine Ape Arm!" Rory Wei shouted.

Suddenly, his arm bloated up and transformed into a giant arm which resembled that of an ape. He hit the stone hard with his palm.


With a big thud, his handprint dug deep into the stone's surface, even if the new stone was of top level and should be able to bear five hundred thousand pounds of force!

"One hundred and thirty thousand pounds of force. The force of your Divine Ape Bloodline is great indeed," Jack stated calmly. He continued, "However, if I am not wrong, you just exerted four fifths of your bloodline force in that strike. In other words, it couldn't get much better than what you showed us just now even if you exert all your force. Considering that, your strength will no longer have the ability to surprise me. Go back home! You have no chances of winning today!"

'Oops! I made a mi

peared beside Belle. She arrived so quickly that nobody saw which direction she came from.

"Holy Lord, thank you for your effort in trying to help me. I'm truly grateful. But I don't want to waste any more time. I want to save my master as soon as possible. I'm sorry if I let you down," Belle replied with tears. She didn't have any other choice.

The contest was nothing more than a bet. If the Holy Land could win, she wouldn't need to force herself to marry anybody. Moreover, the three Ancient Families would present the magic spring water she needed to save her master. However, they all knew that the Holy Land was doomed to fail. It was never a fair bet to begin with.

"Ha-ha. Great. We will return to do some preparations very soon. We would be here tomorrow to fetch the bride," the chief of the Yu Ancient Family said. He grinned from ear to ear. He was glad that Belle finally made her choice after such a long time.

"You seriously want to get married without my permission?"

Just then, Darren, the boy with a mask, turned around and asked suddenly. His sullen voice could be heard clearly by everyone on the square.

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