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   Chapter 132 The Holy Maiden Gave In (Part One)

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Darren stood still after hitting the Force Testing Stone with his palm. The stone quivered and buzzed violently.

"Well done!"

The Holy Land disciples cheered as they saw the shape of Darren's hand imprinted on the stone.

The engraved handprint was about 4 centimeters deep. It would be safe to say that Darren exerted forty thousand pounds of force to hit the stone with his palm!

"You have enough force to reach the eighth stage of the Mysterious Realm!" the Ancient Family disciple whom Darren had slapped exclaimed in surprise.

He couldn't keep his eyes off the handprint. He could hardly believe that Darren, the guy with a mask, was not as weak as he initially thought. He couldn't understand how Darren was able to deliver such great force.

"What the fuck! That doesn't count. I haven't unleashed everything yet. Let me try again!" the disciple pleaded for another chance.

"Go back! You are a shame!" When the disciple was about to try again, he was interrupted by Kevin Ji, the genius from the Ji Ancient Family.

"Kevin, you have to trust me. Let me try one more time. I am certain that I can defeat him. I have to redeem myself from being slapped by him!" replied Tiger Ji, the furious disciple. He wasn't ready to accept the fact that Darren defeated him.

"Tiger Ji, return at once. You clearly don't have enough strength to defeat him," the chief of the Ji Ancient Family said in response, looking at Darren sullenly.

The chiefs of the three Ancient Families were so powerful that they could easily sense that Darren still hadn't shown them his full potential. He intentionally tried not to exert all his power. 'This young man is strong indeed. But compared with the geniuses from the three Ancient Families, he still has a long way to go!' All the chiefs had the same thoughts in mind.

Hearing the words of the Ji Ancient Fami

must be the third level of his bloodline!"

Both Kevin Ji and Rory Wei were surprised by what they just witnessed.

Seeing this, not only were the disciples from the other two Ancient Families—the Ji Ancient Family and the Wei Ancient Family—shocked about Jack's revelation, their chiefs were also a little surprised. Colin frowned and felt that Darren, if compared to Jack, no longer had any chance to win. Now, he just hoped that Darren would not get badly hurt in the contest.

"Break it!"

Jack roared and quickly hit the Force Testing Stone with his palm!


The entire square trembled. The Force Testing Stone was about to explode, a number of cracks gradually crawled on its surface.


The Force Testing Stone was completely destroyed!

"Amazing! He is very strong!" a disciple exclaimed.

The fact that Jack turned the Force Testing Stone into dust with merely his palm took everyone's breath away! A great force indeed!

"He's incredibly powerful," another disciple added.

'Jack made that huge of an impact in just a force test. What if it was in a fight?' many disciples thought. 'If he combines his force with his martial arts skills in a fight, who will be able to survive a minute against him?'

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