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   Chapter 131 Pre-competition Test (Part Two)

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"What a fucking idiot. What the hell is he doing? How dare he pretend all high and mighty with that mask on? I'll beat him to death later!"

Seeing Darren's appearance, the disciples from Ancient Families couldn't help but run their mouths and laugh.

Darren didn't care, though. He ignored all their side comments and focused on the matter at hand. He stood quietly on one side, together with all the other disciples from the Holy Land. 'I'll let you guys know who is an idiot later, ' he thought, sneering internally.

At this moment, one of the three disciples, who stayed calm the whole time, stepped forward.

Wearing a light blue robe, he looked handsome and gentle. "Hello, everyone. I'm Jack Yu. Since the Holy Maiden also came to see the competition, why don't we have a small pre-competition match to entertain her?"

"What do you want to do, exactly?" Colin asked, doubting Jack Yu's intentions.

"Well," Jack Yu put another foot forward and continued, "It's very easy. We can just have a small force test. What do you think? I believe that the Holy Land has some magic treasure that can test the force."

After hearing Jack Yu's proposal, Darren released a touch of his spiritual sense and tried to probe which stage and realm Jack Yu was at. To his great surprise, an overwhelming strength cut the connection he was trying to forge with the said man. He wasn't able to find out anything about him.

'He's not just a nobody, ' he thought as his eyes gave Jack Yu a once over.

Darren then observed the other two disciples who were as calm as Jack Yu and found them very strong, too.

There was one thing Darren had to admit: Jack Yu was not only excellent in strength, but he was also good at ploys. He real

led a bit as a one-inch deep palm print was left on the stone.

"Twenty thousand pounds of Force! He is only at the fifth stage of the Mysterious Realm, but he has the force equal to cultivators at the seventh stage of the Mysterious Realm. Whoa. Disciples of the three Ancient Families are really talented," said someone from the crowd. Disciples of the Holy Land were shocked by the test result. They all knew that this disciple was supposed to be the weakest one in his team, yet he was already plenty strong compared to them.

"Hey, idiot! It's fucking your turn now, isn't it? Let's see what you've got, then!" the disciple mocked, squinting at Darren contemptuously.


One moment, Darren was standing there and staring at the disciple who was mocking him, then the next, he was already in front of him and slapped hard on his face. Before anyone could react to his action, he swiftly moved to the stone and hit hard on it. He made sure that the disciple saw his hand hitting the stone so there would be no doubt that it was him who did the damage.


The Force Testing Stone roared deafeningly as everyone's jaw dropped open.

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