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   Chapter 130 Pre-competition Test (Part One)

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In Lotus Holy Land, there were energy waves continuously spreading out from a magnificent hall. The waves were so strong that those cultivators who had not reached the Mysterious Realm could not help but shudder if they got close to it. The force was too much for them to handle.

In front of the great hall, there was a square with a circumference of several miles, and in the center stood a carved green lotus. It looked ancient and sacred, making everyone feel that it defied time with elegance and power.

"This way, please," Colin Li said, showing the way to the cultivators and leading them to the square.

There weren't too many people where they were heading. And it was easy to identify which sect a person belonged to because of the color of their uniforms. They were the representatives of three Ancient Families and the Lotus Holy Land.

"Well, Mr. Li, why doesn't the Holy Lord host the martial arts competition herself? After all, it's such an important event, right?"

a middle aged man in a golden robe asked in a somehow condescending manner. He was the chief of Yu Ancient Family. It was easy to tell that he was very strong, because his energy was stable and unfathomable.

"Oh, Chief Yu, are you perhaps implying that I'm not qualified to host the competition?" Colin replied, snorting in a challenging manner.

"Hey, relax, Mr. Li. Don't be so stressed over it. Chief Yu didn't mean it that way. Anyway, the outer disciples of the Holy Land are too weak to stand competition, and they might as well just quit outright. You can sit here and see our disciples' performance. The Holy Maiden's husband is sure to be selected from the three Ancient Families. Ha-ha!" Chief Ji from another Ancient Family said arrogantly.

"Ha-ha-ha, it seems that today is our three A

sorry. I'm late." Darren saluted with joint hands.

"It's okay, just find your position there. The contest is starting," Colin said lightly without any expression on his face. Despite hoping that Darren would emerge as the victor, he couldn't let it show on his face or else he would be branded as a biased host.

The Holy Maiden, who was standing at the back, saw him, too. Her heart skipped a beat. She felt very familiar with the figure, but could not seem to remember who he was for a while.

The young boy wearing the bronze mask felt the gaze, so he turned back and gazed at her, too. Subconsciously, tears filled in his eyes, as though his emotions got to him before he could even process what was happening.

"Belle, it's you…" Darren murmured. Seeing his sister again, he was suddenly stricken by a surge of bitterness and pain. Everything came back to him, as though his deep wound had been reopened. He barely managed to stand his ground. As he looked at his sister's eyes, he swore to himself, 'Belle, I will never let anyone hurt you again. I will protect you. Believe in me."


He's a fucking piece of shit! Is he wearing the mask to make himself look cool?"

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