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   Chapter 129 Improve Strength (Part Two)

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"Grand Thirteen Blade Skills!"

When Darren raised his blade, thirteen rays of light radiated towards the sky at the same time. But something was different this time. When he succeeded in condensing the blade, he found out that he not only had the blade internal force, but also a hint of blade intent inside his body.

'After I have grasped the first martial formula, some of the blade internal force turned into a small quantity of blade intent. That is one giant leap for me in cultivation. It is a substantive change after days of practice!' he thought. Darren felt giddy with excitement. He was more driven than ever.

However, grasping the first martial formula was only the first step in learning blade intent. If he wanted to have the preliminary blade intent, he would have to grasp three formulas at the very least. And if he wanted to have the premium blade intent, he would have to put a lot more effort in practicing to completely comprehend the entire formulas.

'Right now, if I can improve two more stages in the future, those who have yet to reached the Wonder Realm will not be able to defeat me. Even if I don't use the demonic power, I can still inflict heavy damage on them.' Darren had complete confidence in himself. He knew he had to trust his capabilities or else he would go nowhere.

Since a great deal of demonic power got absorbed into his body, there was a dramatic improvement in his strength. Even if he didn't use the blade and sword intents, he could totally cream those masters who were at the top level of Mysterious Realm. It wouldn't be as hard as it was before.

But there was an enormous gap between the top level of the Mysterious Realm and the Wonder Realm. Even if he used up all his power and strength, it was an immensely difficult task for him to fight the masters who were at the Wonder Realm. If he wanted to kill such a master, the sword intent he needed was four thousand times

concentrate on practicing. I'm afraid she will not be allowed to come out of her cultivation spot for a while," he said.

"Isolation for practice? Already?" Darren was confused. He was also a bit disappointed because he was planning to find her today.

"Ha-ha. You don't need to worry about her. It is a rare opportunity for her. I have heard that Albert is going to help her improve the sword core's level with his treasures, but I don't know exactly what it means. So rest assured that she is in good hands. Maybe she will even become much more powerful than you are once she comes back. Ha-ha." Outer Elder was grinning ear to ear by the time he had finished explaining this to Darren.

"All right, then. Please show me the way to Lotus Hall," Darren replied with a nod. He understood that Elsa had just gotten a big opportunity to immensely improve her strength, so he decided to just believe in her capabilities and not worry about her anymore.

'Those guys from the Ancient Family... They dared to force my little sister to marry them. I will teach them a lesson today and let them know who is the best, ' Darren grudgingly thought to himself. Wearing a confident smile on his face that didn't betray his ulterior motives, he followed Outer Elder and walked out the door.

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