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   Chapter 128 Improve Strength (Part One)

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'It has a strange aura that is different from that of a rule cultivator and a witcher, ' Darren thought.

As soon as Darren's curiosity about the black rune flared, it flashed across his eyes and disappeared as sudden as the light appeared.

'So the armor and bronze mask were originally parts of an intact defensive armor. And it couldn't perform its real power after it was broken apart, ' he thought.

Darren came to the realization that if the war armor had remained intact, it might have had immense power. Even though he only had two broken parts, they could still greatly empower him and improve his strength by fifty percent! What more if he had the whole armor? He could only imagine the power it would have granted him.

"I better hide it from others. But the mask looks quite good on me. Maybe I can use it during the competition." Darren murmured to himself. Darren put them into the Space Ring, so he could use them whenever he needed. He had a smile on his face, thinking how useful the ring he got from the test was.

Soon, Darren arrived at the outer sect of the Holy Land.

After he simply reported to the elder, Darren got a token which showed that he was an outer disciple. Unlike other ordinary disciples, though, Darren even got a big house from Outer Elder because Outer Elder wanted him to concentrate practicing his techniques.

After the news sank in, he started to think about his future plans as usual. He wanted to make sure that he was taking deliberate steps towards his goal.

'Right now, the most important thing is the convention. I must win first place in that fierce competition. After that, I will start to prepare myself for entering the Wonder Realm, ' Darren thought to himself.

When Darren recalled how he broke through to the Mysterious Realm, he started to tremble with fear. At that time, he felt as though he would die at that moment. He was helpless and gripped b

t one has arrived at a higher level wherein cultivator and the blade could unite as one. When one succeeds in this, the blade intent will greatly empower one's strength, so one will feel as though he is an invincible blade." Darren murmured.

Darren closed his eyes and focused his attention on the words. Since he was a natural and had excellent talent in learning skills, he could easily comprehend the complicated martial formulas with his mind.

In the blink of an eye, a whole day and night passed.

Sitting on a quiet yard with his legs crossed, he meditated under a maple tree. His stance looked calm enough to allow his mind to absorb and nurture the information he was getting from the formulas.

A light breeze was blowing, then several maple leaves fell and swirled in the air, spanning around Darren like a tornado.

All of a sudden, a fierce and sharp power was emitting from Darren's body. Those leaves broke into pieces that were invisible to the naked eye and disappeared into the air.

"Ha-ha." His face broke into a smile and he opened his eyes, saying, "So that is how it feels when I unite my body and my blade."

As Darren waved his hand, an icy blade appeared on his palm and a blast of cold air swept through his face, surprising him a little.

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