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   Chapter 127 Cause

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Darren performed too well. His performance stunned everyone in the area. Only Elsa had a smile on her face, appearing very calm. She knew that Darren always excelled in surprising people. Never before in his life had he failed in any venture he had taken.

"Oh my goodness! This man really is powerful," exclaimed Cathy with her widened eyes.

"Cathy, I remember that you wanted to join the supreme disciple election. I am allowing you to go now," Colin said with a smile.

"Hum. Grandpa, I know you are making fun of me. Even Darren himself said that the test was too dangerous. Stop messing with me already," cried Cathy in anger.

"Ha-ha," everyone laughed. They all understood that the little girl was frightened.

"Darren, come with me. I want to talk with you alone for a minute," said Colin, just ignoring Cathy.

"Elsa, let me show you to the inner department," the Outer Elder Richard hurriedly said with enthusiasm.

Elsa did not answer.

"Just go, Elsa. I will come and find you later," Darren assured her. As he saw that Elsa didn't give Richard any response, he knew that she was waiting for his words.

Elsa then nodded and made an obeisance to Richard by cupping one hand in the other before her chest. She said, "Thank you. Please lead the way, and I will follow you."

Then she followed Richard away, while Darren left with Colin.

"You rock!" said Colin as he and Darren walked towards an open area without other people, showing great excitement. "I indeed misjudged your real battle power. No doubt you are the genius of the geniuses. I did not expect that you could unleash such a powerful force as good as that of a cultivator at the top stage of the Mysterious Realm, while your cultivation is just at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm. It's crazy, ha-ha."

Darren just now realized that Colin had always been quite calm, but as they came to this place without other people, Colin blushed with excitement. How excited could he be? Darren kept an awkwardly short silence.

"Ah, you probably overrated me," responded Darren in a low-key tone.

"You are too modest. To be honest, my people and I might need you to help us save face this time," said Colin. At the time, he acted not as serious as he had just been, but rather like an old man just enjoying his final days.

"Mr. Li, please make it clear to me what is really going on with the Holy Maiden's groom selection competition," asked Darren because he did not understand why the Lotus Holy Land was forced to accept Belle's groom selection competition when they actually opposed it. He also had no idea how his sister ended up in her position of being the Holy Maiden of the Lotus Holy Land.

Colin waited for a moment and replied, "Take your time. You have to come with me so that I could tell you about it."

"All these troubles are because of Elder Xenia of the Lotus Holy Land. She has been

t it. I told you that if you win, I will grant you a big reward. Here you go,"

said Colin, handing a bronze mask to Darren.

"What is it?" asked Darren in puzzlement. He took the mask, but he did not know what it was or what it could do.

"Just put it on," replied Colin with a huge smile.

Darren did not hesitate. He put on the bronze mask and immediately perceived its distinctiveness.

"I feel my power increasing significantly!" Darren exclaimed in wonder.

"Yes, this bronze mask is unique because wearing it will lend you a battle power increase of 30 percent! However, it doesn't work that well for cultivators at the Wonder Realm, so I assumed that it would be of more use to you. Take it," explained Colin.

The mask was indeed a good thing for Darren as it could greatly increase his chances of winning. Moreover, he faintly felt that the bronze mask seemed to be more special than it appeared.

"Mr. Li, thank you very much," said Darren heartily.

"Well, you'd better head to the outer sect first. The Holy Maiden's groom selection competition will be held in two days. When the whole thing is over, you must come and meet me, and you will be promoted to supreme disciple.

"Okay, I understand." answered Darren before he turned his back and left. .

On the way to the outer sect of the Lotus Holy Land, Darren had been pondering over the bronze mask. He couldn't explain but he felt a sense of familiarity with it.

He thought about it for a long time before an inspired thought flashed through his mind. He immediately took out the armor sent by Wayne from his Space Ring and put it on.

"Sure enough, the mask seems to be another piece from this armor!" he murmured in astonishment.

As soon as the armor and the bronze mask were combined, the entire set lit up with countless black runes. A mysterious atmosphere surrounded the spot. Darren felt a sudden surge of energy coming from the armor.

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