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   Chapter 126 A Real Young Genius

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"Don't you mention anything regarding the groom-recruiting competition of the Holy Maiden again, you hear me? You're talented, but still far too young. At present, you're an ant compared to the genius young men of the Ancient Families," Colin said, trying to dissuade Darren. "But don't worry, if you practice for a few more years until you reach the age of twenty, you'll be the strongest cultivator among your peers," he added.

Darren did not want to hear any more explanations from Colin. He was definitely interested in hearing more about the Ancient Families, on the other hand.

"Sir, may I ask a question? There must be countless heroes and gifted cultivators in the Holy Land, so why haven't any of them defeated the Ancient Families? How strong are the Ancient Families exactly?" Darren inquisitively asked, bowing with his hands arched to show respect.

What Darren had just asked Colin was something that most of the disciples present wanted to know.

Colin pondered for a moment then sat down as he started, "The history of the Ancient Families goes back to the ancient times. They have an unusual blood lineage that can enhance their fighting power to its full potential. But of course, there are two sides to every coin. Because of the unusual bloodline, their progress in the cultivation realm is much slower than that of other gifted disciples in the Holy Land.

Luckily, there is always an exception to everything. In recent years, the three Ancient Families have nurtured quite a number of geniuses. So, not only do those geniuses have the unusual bloodline that enhances their powers, but they can also improve their cultivation realms quickly. The speed of their realm promotion is almost equal to that of the geniuses in the Holy Land. As far as I know, they have several young men under the age of twenty who have already reached the seventh stage of the Mysterious Realm, which is exceptional, given the adverse effects that come with their bloodline. What's even more exceptional, is that it is said that there are also several young men just a little over the age of twenty who have reached the Wonder Realm. They're geniuses," he concluded.

"They reached the seventh stage of the Mysterious Realm before the age of twenty? Do you know how strong they are in actual combat, though?" Darren continued his questions in curiosity.

Colin chuckled, "Well, with the advantage of their unique bloodline, they will be invincible against warriors at the realms below the Wonder Realm. And Darren, I know what you're thinking, but with your current strength, you won't be able to win in the Holy Maiden's groom-recruiting competition," But there's no need to lose heart! You will be strong enough to compete with them. All you need is time, understand?" he cheerfully reassured Darren.

Darren was saddened by the information he just heard. However, he was not one to give up that easily. He still had some confidence in himself.

"May I ask you another question, sir? Is there anyone from the Ancient Families at the Mysterious Realm who can d

ost reached the peak of the Wonder Realm. His physical strength and cultivation base were many times stronger than Darren's. In order to defeat Darren, he wouldn't lower his realm down to the Primary Realm, but just down to the Spirit Realm.

Darren also readied himself for the challenge. He mobilized all his strength and put it all into a single punch.

It carried both the blade internal force and the sword intent, but not the demonic internal force. He did not dare use it in front of such a strong master.

"Ah-ha, not bad!" Colin exclaimed, his eyes widened in amusement. He noticed that Darren's punch had the power of either the seventh or eighth stage of the Mysterious Realm. It seemed that he had really underestimated him. 'However, there's no need to take it seriously, ' Collin thought.

He nonchalantly stretched out his hand to block Darren's attack.

However, his face changed dramatically just as their two fists met.

He felt just how powerful Darren's punch was. There were two strong forces that burst through his hand and went straight to his chest.


The sound of the impact echoed in the air.

Everyone watched the scene in disbelief.

"Damn. I was too careless," Colin lamented, then proceeded to praise Darren. "I thought I wouldn't have to use any strength to deal with you, but I didn't expect that you have such powerful hidden skills. You're quite as strong as the ninth-stage of the Mysterious Realm," he admitted.

He fell back half a step after receiving Darren's punch. Luckily, he inconspicuously activated his strength at once to control his body.

"What do you think, sir?" Darren asked as he held out his hand to Colin.

"I admit defeat. You're very good. You really are a young genius," Colin remarked, reaching out his hand to grab Darren's outstretched one. Instead of condemning Darren, he looked at the young man with admiration in his eyes.

After the people had heard it directly from Colin, they finally believed the scene that happened in front of them to be true.

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