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   Chapter 125 Details Of The Test

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"Ha-ha." Colin waved his sleeve and walked over. "Richard, this little girl's remarkable talent is enough for her to be an inner disciple," he said.

Elsa didn't agree at first. She gave Darren a look, waiting for his opinion.

"Say yes, Elsa." Considering the complex relationships among the different forces in the Holy Land, Darren thought becoming an inner disciple would be beneficial to both Elsa and him.

Moreover, being a core disciple in the Holy Land would give Elsa access to various resources and directions from martial skill masters, which was what every martial skill cultivator wished for. Of course Elsa had the willingness to accept it, but it was all up to Darren.

"What about you?" Elsa asked.

"I have to see one thing done first," he answered.

Elsa knew clearly he was talking about his younger sister.

"Well, then." Elsa nodded to Darren, turned around and said, "I am willing to be an inner disciple of the Lotus Holy Land."

"Good, we now have a new talented maiden with a promising future, ha-ha!" Colin said, happiness rose from the bottom of his heart.

"Wow, I have a new beautiful sister," Cathy said as she walked to Elsa. "Welcome! We are happy to be with you as an inner disciple of the Lotus Holy Land. I can play with you in future, I am definitely looking forward to that," she said with a nifty smile.

"No problem, you are also very beautiful," Elsa responded to Cathy.

"Well, could you now tell us how you went through the last two rounds of the test, Darren?" Colin reminded.

"Yes, tell us the details of the last two rounds of the test,"

all the ordinary disciples reiterated with excitement.

"The second round of the test was about physical strength and willpower," Darren blurted out.

"How did it test your physical strength and willpower?" Outer Elder questioned closely.

"Ha ha." Darren stood upright with his arms crossed on his back. "The round was divided into three parts: you get burnt by roaring flames, get frozen by ice, and get struck by purple thunderbolt. Each step could cause great suffering to the body," Darren said slowly.

"You are kidding me. Well, you did say it was quite dangerous, didn't you? I think with immense strength and good physical body, one can withstand what you just described easily."

"Yes, then why did so many talents fail to go through this test? I don't believe it."

There were many disciples with strong physical strength in the Holy Land, they should have been able to pass the test. Darren's words confused the other people.

"The roaring flames, ice, and purple thunderbolt were adjusted according to the participants' physical strength. The stronger yo

l must be at least five or six stages higher than the first stage of the Mysterious Realm in order to defeat all ten clones," Colin analyzed.

"More or less," Darren wanted to say no more words.

"Genius, you are really a genius, Darren," Colin praised. "Your potential is on par with the disciples of the Ancient Families."

"The Ancient Families?" Darren got a little surprised when Collin compared him to the disciples of the Ancient Families. They seemed to be extraordinary judging from Colin's tone.

"Correct, talented disciples of the Ancient Families usually can challenge someone whose cultivation level is higher, which is unreachable for some talented disciples of our Holy Land," Colin said with a sigh. "If you were at the fifth stage of the Mysterious Realm, you should consider taking part in the groom-recruiting competition to be held on the day after tomorrow to help the Lotus Holy Land out. Pity, such a pity," Colin continued.

"Let's get straight to the point. Would you like to be a supreme disciple of the Lotus Holy Land, Darren?" Colin asked with conviction.

"Supreme disciple, my goodness! It's so enviable."

"I am wondering what his treatment will be as the first supreme disciple of the Lotus Holy Land."

All of the other disciples cast admiring glances at Darren.

But to everyone's surprise, he rejected Colin's proposal.

"Hum? Darren, are you stupid? Why did you reject his offer?" Outer Elder blurted out, even he was anxious for Darren.

"I plan to take part in the groom-recruiting competition of the Holy Maiden. I heard only outer disciples could qualify for it. Do you mind elaborating on that?" Darren replied.

Hearing Darren's words, Colin frowned as it was the first time that he felt disappointed with Darren's behavior.

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