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   Chapter 124 Supreme Disciple Election

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Richard stared at Darren with disbelief and astonishment in his eyes. It was said that the arcane place for supreme disciple election had been abolished years ago for it was too difficult for anyone to ever make it. As far as he knew, the talented disciples who signed up for the test either lost their lives or sustained severe injuries.

He had no idea what tests the participants had to go through.

But now Darren passed the test unscathed. 'This teenager only took fifteen minutes to pass the test. What kind of genius could he possibly be?'

"Richard, I was talking to you. Answer my question," Colin reminded.

"Ah?" Richard came back to his senses. An excitement spread across his face as he replied, "Sir, this teenager is the one who walked into the arcane place."

"Is that so?" Colin's eyes lit up. He beckoned Darren with a wave of his hand and said, "Boy, please come here."

Darren looked at the elder in the near distance, thinking, 'A strong cultivator again. He gives off a tremendously powerful aura.'

He made his way to Colin and stopped in front of him. He cupped his hands and greeted respectfully, "Hello, sir."

"Call me Mr. Li. What's your name?" Colin said with a faint smile.

"I'm Darren Chu. I came here to join the outer disciple election," Darren replied.

"I see." Looking a bit surprised, Colin asked, "Did you just come out from the arcane place?"

Darren glanced back at the entrance to the arcane place and nodded in confirmation.

"Yes, I guess so." With her face soaked in tears, Cathy who had stood aside silently joined them. Eyes wide open, she said, "So he really made it."

She walked towards Colin and threw punches onto his chest non-stop. Glaring at him, she said in a soft voice, "How could you bark at me? You deserve this. Humph, you're a bad grandfather. You said no one could pass the test. How do you explain this? You just wanted to teach me a lesson."

"Sweetie, stop being naughty," Collin said to Cathy in a soft tone. He actually was very fond of his granddaughter. Now that Darren got out of the arcane place safe and sound, he was no longer mad at her.

"If he could do it, I can too. I must go there. Humph. You bluffed me because you didn't want me to have any fun in there," Cathy pouted, looking very pathetic.

'Even a guy who signed up for the outer disciple election can pass in that s

you that I can make it just as he did."

"Easy. Why don't you make a decision after letting him finish his story?"

Colin smiled at Darren. He was dying to know how the lad had managed to pass the rest of the tests.

"The second test was more difficult than the first one. I was also given a more dangerous task."

When Darren said this, the crowd quieted down and held their breaths.

'He easily got through the first trial, which proves his excellent talent. But even such a genius found the second test to be difficult. What test could possibly challenge him? How about the final test?' The crowd became more interested in Darren's story.

At this point, an aggressive, powerful sword intent appeared in the near distance.

"Go to hell! You shouldn't have dared to come after me!" A female voice resounded.

Everyone turned their heads to see what was going on.

A gorgeous maiden in purple came in their view. She waved her sword at a diabolic rat and killed it with one powerful strike.

"Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful!"

"She is at the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm. She has just slain a top level diabolic beast. She has mastered the sword intent!"

A heated discussion erupted among the crowd.

"Richard, is that girl a participant in the trials?" Colin asked. The maiden's move astonished him for he sensed that she had formed a sword core.

"Yes. She is Darren's companion. The two came here together to join the outer disciple election," Richard replied.

Colin was overwhelmed by infinite joy. 'The two are definitely first class geniuses.'

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