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   Chapter 123 So Fast

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"Babe, are you feeling better now?" Elsa asked as she rubbed Darren's back. She wondered what had happened in the sky.

"Elsa, what did you call me? Could you repeat it? Ha-ha..." As Darren was feeling better, he began teasing her.

"Come on! How can you make fun of me? I'm worried about you!" replied Elsa as she rested her head against Darren's shoulder.

"Okay, I know, I know. I'm sorry. Could you not call me babe? That sounds weird."

"Fine. Whatever you want!" Elsa smiled.

"Good girl!" Darren pulled Elsa closer and inhaled the sweet scent wafting from her hair. He was enjoying this romantic moment with her.

After two days, Darren found that he had almost completely recovered with the help of hundreds of healing pills.

The healing pills were very expensive. One pill would cost at least fifty ink stones. People might find it unbelievable that Darren had consumed hundreds of healing pills.

"It's done now."

Darren murmured before opening his eyes. A sword created from his internal force rushed out of his body. As the sword flew toward the sky, Darren's sword intent blew the clouds away.

"Aha! I can't believe how much the power of my sword intent has increased."

Darren felt as though he were stronger than before.

"Darren, what stage do you think you have reached now?" Elsa asked when she sensed his sword intent.

"I think I can defeat those who are at the eighth stage of the Mysterious Realm. Perhaps, even the ninth stage if I go all out." estimated Darren.

"Wow! Sweetheart, you're amazing! Despite being a beginner of the Mysterious Realm, you have made such rapid progress. Congratulations to you, genius!" Elsa jumped with joy like a little girl.

"Come on! You flatter me too much." Darren smiled at her.

"I have an excellent husband. Of course I'm happy," Elsa said without hesitation.

"Husband? Who's your husband?"

Elsa blushed and pouted prettily, "What's the difference? You'll be my husband sooner or later. Don't you want to be my husband?" Elsa asked with a demure smile.

"Yes, I do. Trust me. I'm ecstatic to be your husband. Elsa, there's no one here but us. Why don't we do something romantic?" Darren's heart beat faster as he asked Elsa.

"Sure. You're my fiance," replied Elsa. Her cheeks turned crimson, and her heart raced. After a moment's hesitation, she murmured, "But what if someone came?"

"I only wanted to hold a simple wedding ceremony here with you. Whoever comes here can witness this. What? Were you thinking about something else?" Darren smiled.

"Nonsense! I'm not." Elsa blushed again. "Who said that I'm going to marry you?"

"Well, why are you blushing? What are you thinking really? Huh? Ha-ha..."

"Nonsense! I'm not thinking about that either!"

"Thinking about what? Tell me. We're about to get married."

"I never said that I'd marry you. And, I'll kick your ass if you speak to me like that again."

Elsa became conscious when she understood Darren was teasing her. She threatened him playfully before chasin

he old man.

The Outer Elder didn't glance at her. He sent a message with his spiritual sense to Colin. After a few seconds, a strong internal force carried an old man to the test doors.

"Richard, you said that someone had been sucked into the test for the supreme disciple election."

The old man asked with a frown. Despite his solemn expression, the old man's white hair and beard lent him a dignified appearance.

The Outer Elder lowered his head and remained silent. So Colin turned to look at Cathy.

"Grandfather, I didn't mean to push him towards the door. This is all his fault. He wouldn't let me..."

"Enough!" Colin yelled. Cathy knew that her grandfather was furious.

"How dare you treat other people's lives as a joke? You're so young but so cruel. You'll be confined for one year as a penalty. I'll double it if you revolt."

Then Colin turned to face the test door. He bowed respectfully to grieve Darren's death.

"Why are you still here? Just go home!" Colin yelled when he saw that Cathy hadn't left. Cathy was in shock. She had never seen her grandfather this angry. She realized that she had made a huge mistake. Remorse filled her, and she burst into tears.

"Richard, would you please apologize to his family on our behalf, and send them some money?"

"Yes, sir." The Outer Elder thought, 'Mr. Li is really kindhearted. He could've ignored this insignificant boy's life, but he didn't.'

"I said, go home! Are you deaf?" When Colin saw that Cathy was still crying in front of the door, he screamed at her.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

The incessant ringing of a bell drew everyone's attention away from Cathy. The onlookers gasped when they saw a young boy.

He had exited the other end of the arcane place for the supreme disciple election.

"It's him! How can it be? How did he leave there so quickly?" The Outer Elder was astonished when he saw that Darren was still alive.

"Richard, what are you murmuring about?" Colin asked as he turned to look at the Outer Elder.

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