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   Chapter 122 It Showed Up Again

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In an instant, Darren had been inundated by the mighty spiritual energy from between heaven and earth. As this happened, the blade internal force and sword intent increased and began to rampage in his body.

He was totally numb and couldn't feel his body. No pain, no sensation, no sight. All he could see was pitch-black darkness.

'Is it what death feels like?' Darren sighed to himself.

Without the runes suppressing the sword intent, it quickly crashed into the blade internal force and wreaked havoc on the passages through which vital energy circulated.

Suddenly--a sharp sound!

Just as Darren was reaching rock bottom in total despair, he indistinctly heard the sound.

"It's so familiar," he murmured, but was unable to open his eyes to see what it was. Then he lost consciousness and fell into the darkness.

Beside him, Elsa grieved. Looking down at his lifeless figure, she was overwhelmed with despair.

But when she heard the sharp sound, she raised up her head and saw that in the depth of clouds, a figure stood in black.


Thunder clapped throughout the sunny sky. But soon dark clouds rolled over. With a wave of his hand, the figure in black shot a cloud of powerful black gas towards Darren.

At the sight of the black gas, Elsa burst out the sword intent and flew to it in a desperate attempt to resist it. But she merely bounced away from it when she was about 1000 feet away.

But what happened next stilled her fears. The black gas flew into Darren's body.

She figured out that the powerful figure in the sky must be helping Darren instead of harming him.

She felt a glimmer of hope spring back in her heart, and observed quietly from some distance away.

As soon as all the mighty black gas had rushed into his body, Darren's skin turned into black scales and shells. He had transformed into a complete fiend.

Inside his body, the pyramid-shaped demon core spun with an unprecedented speed.

Heavy demonic aura instantly filled the space, causing Elsa's eyes to widen.


At the same time, it attracted other super masters of the Holy Lands.

The Holy Lord in the Lightning Holy Land suddenly opened his eyes and extended his powerful spiritual sense to the Lotus Holy Land.

Meanwhile, in the Dragon Holy Land, a solemn young man turned into a dragon image shooting into the sky.

In the Blade Holy Land, the middle-aged man who had just been murmuring sadly in front of a tomb, became grim and serious.


"That's it! It appeared again!"

"There it is! It showed up again!"

The eight Holy Lords all cast their eyes at the sky.

Powerful spiritual sense from them blasted towards the figure in the depth of the dark clouds.

A sharp noise resounded throughout the sky!

The earth began to tremble as the clouds rolled like stormy waves.

The figure's silver eyes emanated eight streaks of spiritual sense which soon collided with the spiritual sense of the eight Holy Lords.

The figure cried out sharply.

It was teetering and looked like it was about to fall. Staring into nothingness for a moment, it dashed into the clouds and disappeared.

The mighty black gas it emit

you needn't get involved in the investigation of the fiend. We'll handle this. You can go now."

"Humph. I just came here to see what happened. If there is something dangerous, I won't help you. You can be sure about that! Ha-ha-ha."

As the Holy Lord of the Lightning Holy Land saw the man in purple's arrogant face, the purple lightning twined around his body started to crack. "Mr. Wan, I persuade you to leave out of good will, but you dare to speak in this arrogant way. Aren't you afraid of death?" he threatened.

Instantly, a murderous intent permeated the air.

The man in purple quickly took two steps back. "You're good! Each of you is really good! Once someone says something that displeases you, you decide to kill him. Do you forget the master on the seventh floor of the Medicine Pavilion? Humph!

Besides, Bryan, you're quite powerful, aren't you? If you really want to know what caused your son's death, why not kill the people in Medicine Pavilion and rush to the seventh floor to put your blade on the master's neck and interrogate him about who he gave that rune to? He is quite good at creating magic runes that can increase strength by a thousand or even ten thousandfold. So quickly, go and interrogate him instead! Ha-ha!"

As he finished his words, the man in purple flew away, leaving laughter in his wake. The Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land, Bryan's face twisted and he cut the void to vent out his anger. 'Interrogate the mysterious man in the Medicine Pavilion?' He didn't have guts.

The eight Holy Lords scanned the space with their spiritual sense and didn't find any more hints of the fiend. Finally, they left.


By the virtue of his sharp vision and hearing, Darren found out what had happened on the clouds.

'The man in purple was so arrogant that he even didn't show cursory respect to the Holy Lords, ' he thought with a grim expression. 'I was the one who snatched pills from the Medicine Pavilion and killed the son of the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land. If those two things are revealed, I'll probably die a miserable death, ' he thought to himself.

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