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   Chapter 121 Began To Break Through

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'The scent is too strong…

it's weird…' Darren thought, inwardly sighing as he pondered over what to do.


Suddenly, the door to the pill refining chamber was kicked open with force.

A pair of deep eyes were then staring straight at Darren.

"Master, wake up! I told you not to drink too much. You never listen to me."

Squatting down, Darren pretended to shake Eugene awake—he even smacked him secretly on his head to make sure he wouldn't actually wake up.

Simultaneously, Darren hid his true cultivation base using the Aura-concealing Skill, still worried about his true identity being uncovered.

"Ha... this shameless thing," the man merely snorted, his expression cold as ice.

Pretending to have only just noticed the man, Darren looked up and shouted in surprise, "Who are you? How dare you break into the pill refining chamber? This is a forbidden place, get out of here right now!"

The man wore a purple robe and his eyes seemed to hold endless plains of ice. Each of his movements seemed to be a merge between heaven and earth—it was astonishing, mysterious, and seemingly impossible for Darren to understand it at all.

"You dare to raise your voice at me? You don't even know me. You're too reckless!"

As the man grew angrier, Darren made sure to look frightened as he stammered in a flurried voice, "Ah, I'm sorry, Sir. I did not recognize you. It's my fault. My master just drank too much. The pills that you asked him for have already been well prepared. After I take care of my master, I will send them to you immediately."

The man's rebuke provided Darren with a window of opportunity.

Hearing this, the man scanned Darren up and down, seeming to have noticed something. Suddenly, his eyes darkened as he asked, dead-serious, "Tell me, who am I?"

'Damn it…'

The stern voice made Darren's heart race in worry just as an inexplicable force had attacked him. In the next second, he was imprisoned in the space around him, unable to take even a step.

'The controlling force is too strong… I'm afraid his strength can compete with the witchers'… but their scents are still quite different…' At that point, Darren's forehead began oozing with sweat. If the man found out what he had done, he would never find another chance to escape.

"Sir, I've been a disciple of Mr. Chen for barely two hours. Before he drank, I heard that he was going to prepare some pills for a big man and asked me to be careful. That man must be you…" Darren said, feigning extreme panic. If he looked too calm, he wouldn't pass as a novice disciple.

"I have to wake him up and hear the truth from him."

As soon as the man said it, Darren's nerves started going out of control as his blood went cold. Mobilizing his mind, he

As Darren roared, he ignited several more Suppression Runes in succession.

"Ah!" Tremendous pain spread all over his body as if his organs were being torn apart by a strong force. The blade internal force and the suppressed sword intent attacked each other fiercely, fragmenting the meridians inside Darren's body inch by inch.

As Elsa watched him suffer in such agony, Elsa couldn't help bursting into tears from afar, too anxious to bear it.

The blade internal force continued to fight the weak sword intent, leaving Darren with gritted teeth and heavy sweating—the pain was so intense, he could've fainted at any moment.

Even after two quarters later, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth still rushed into him and tore away at his meridians.

'It's over. There should only be three Suppression Runes left. The sword intent will no longer be suppressed.'

With more than half of his meridians broken down, Darren was numb and weak as his consciousness blurred.

Just in time, he felt the spiritual energy begin to weaken as it surged inside him.

Before he completely lost his mind, he ignited the remaining three runes and suppressed the sword intent indefinitely.

At this moment, Darren was red all over, only the broken blood-red meridians surfacing on his skin.

"It's finally over…"

After a long while, when Elsa saw the last trace of heaven and earth spiritual energy fall, she was choked up with sobs—it was horribly painful for her to watch him suffer.

Just as she rushed toward him as fast as the wind, a great thunderbolt flashed in the sky, and another huge surge of spiritual energy rushed into Darren's body.

Having gone rather limp and silent, Darren didn't even have the courage to open his eyes as he was overcome.


Elsa's desperate cry echoed throughout the quiet forest.

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