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   Chapter 120 A Harvest

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A gleam formed and blazed up in Eugene's eyes as he started to sense Darren's raging Spirit Power. Eugene beamed up at Darren as if he had discovered some treasures.

"Interesting, kid. Unleash your Spirit Power again," Eugene demanded at Darren with a smile. Taking a glance at Darren's surprised reaction made Eugene believe that he was not hallucinating. The Spirit Power that he had was truly exceptional.

At this point, Robin Zhou woke up suddenly and lifted himself up from the ground hastily. Shock and bewilderment were written on his face.

"I was disturbed from my slumber! I sensed a strong Spirit Power! What is going on?" Robin shouted while staggering. With twitched eyebrows, the drunk man's sight was moving haphazardly in sensing where could the Spirit Power come from.

'This is not good. I need to stop him, ' Eugene thought eagerly. 'If Robin found out that this brat has such strong Spirit Power, he will undoubtedly take him from me and make him his disciple. It will be such a waste!'

Meanwhile, Darren read Eugene's mind instantly as he took note of Eugene's expression. He was aware of how his true strength was needed to be hidden.

Cleverness possessed Darren, making him smirk. Taking a step backward, he walked up to Robin directly. He stuck out his foot and tripped the drunk man over. As a result, Robin hit his head against the wall and blacked out again. Silence prevailed, at last.

"Well done, brat. You're a clever kid. Now, come with me," Eugene praised, smiling delightfully. As he witnessed Darren's Spirit Power and performance, he couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.

"Thank you, sir. It's an honor to please you," Darren responded in excitement as if he was glad to hear Eugene's praise. It was going smoothly for him. In fact, Darren was happy because he would now obtain the rune. Eugene was too dumb to notice Darren's ulterior motive as he was blinded by his greed.

After hearing Eugene's command, Darren followed him towards the staircase, as he hid his clever smile from him.

"Just a moment, sir. I'm afraid I don't recognize him. I'm sorry, sir, you can't bring this brat with you. The third floor is a forbidden area. Outsiders are not allowed to enter," a man standing at the stairway entrance politely said to Eugene and shot a sneer at Darren.

The abrasive manners of the man irritated Darren. Before he spoke a word, Eugene already huffed, "Humph? Are you trying to stop my disciple? Are you sure?"

A couple of minutes had passed, but the two guards had no intention of letting them pass. Eugene took out two blue pills from his chest and threw them at the two.

The two guards each took one pill. They smiled at Darren and finally gestured for him to pass. To avoid the mess, Darren hid his grump from the two guards as they were eyeing him.

Then, Darren and Eugene started walking up the stairs. Meanwhile, Darren thought, 'This old man is nice to me. If he gives the rune to me obediently, I'll not give him

ve you the Suppression Runes! Stop it already!"

This time, he wasn't acting. Seeing that some of his lifetime collections had been destroyed broke his heart. It was his weaknesses.

Feeling relieved, Darren slightly signaled to Eugene to go get Suppression Runes.

With much reluctance, Eugene walked to the wood cabinet slowly. He pressed a button, and a secret drawer with a pile of runes inside came out.

Darren took a stride and took away all those runes.

"Thanks for your generosity," he said to the pill refiner. With a beaming smile on his face, Darren headed for the cabinet which contained pills. Of course, this was not yet the end of Eugene's suffering.

"What... What are you doing?" Eugene asked in a shaking voice, with fear written all over his face. Most of his treasures were already gone, and he couldn't lose any more.

'Is he going to rob me of my pills?' he wondered, nervously.

Eugene was a pill refiner. Although the runes were precious, they didn't mean much to him. He only used them to bribe some strong cultivators. However, the pills were different. For him, they were the most valuable things in his life.

Without showing any emotions on his face, Darren opened the cabinet and saw a box. There were about 10, 000 trinkets of pills inside the box. Another grin escaped from his mouth.

Without a word, Darren took out his Space Ring and stored all the pills inside it. 'I don't have many superior spiritual herbs left. These pills might be more valuable than the herbs, ' he thought.

When Eugene saw this, his face turned pale instantly. "You, you even have a Space Ring. How could you?" he stammered.

Unknowingly, he initially thought Darren would only take several hundred pills. In fact, he thought that he didn't know which were top-level pills. That was why he had remained quite calm.

But now all his pills had gone. Feeling suffocated, he fell to the ground again.

But this time, he really blacked out. Eugene was no good now.

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