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   Chapter 119 Get Ready To Loot

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The lanky youth was dumbstruck. "Speak!" Darren yelled as he gave him a hard kick. "Where did you get the suppression rune?"

This suppression rune was so important to Darren right now. Now that he was about to break through his realm, the rune would help minimize the harm caused by the conflict between the blade internal force and the sword intent inside him.

Then again, one thought bothered him, 'Is it really possible for me to survive the harm that the conflicting forces would cause inside my body with a rune? If it is that simple, why did Hanson still not succeed? It shouldn't have been difficult for him to get a rune.

Maybe Hanson's sword intent and blade intent were just too powerful because of his high level in the realm. Maybe there hadn't been a rule cultivator powerful enough to make a rune that could suppress his sword and blade intents, ' Darren pondered over and over.

'One more thing, though. I am in a much lower realm and my sword intent is a hundred times stronger than my blade internal force. It would possibly work if I suppress my sword intent. Anyway, I must focus on getting the rune first!' he continued to think to himself.

The lanky youth collapsed on the ground and trembled with fear. He could not seem to be able to answer Darren's questions.

"Oh, so you want to pretend to be an idiot?" Darren asked angrily. He hacked at his feet, cutting off several toes.

"Aghhh!" he wailed in pain. "Fine, I'll talk! Please don't kill me," he pleaded. "My master is a powerful rule cultivator of the Medicine Pavilion. He knows a mysterious master who sent him many such runes, so he gave me one of each kind," he explained.

"A mysterious master? Are you telling the truth?" With another wave of Darren's blade, he cut off the youth's toes from another foot.

"Ouch! I am not lying! I swear! Please don't kill me!" he moaned desperately.

He did seem like he was telling the truth.

"Tell me, where is your master now?" Darren asked as he pushed his blade against the youth's throat.

"Spare my life, please,"

the lanky youth cried bitterly.

"Where is he?!" Darren asked again as he felt a violent fluctuation of the Spirit Power.


With one palm attack, streams of blood spurted out of the lanky youth's mouth!

"So you want to use some secret method to send a message? You're going to die now," Darren said as he raised his hand and cut off his arm.

The unbearable

while kicking at Darren. Darren made a slight deft shift and dodged.

Robin fell over, bumped on the wall, and passed out.

"This is..." the two guards couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Master Chen, should we carry Master Zhou to his room?" One of the guards walked over and asked.

"No, guard your passage. Let this old fool sleep here, ha ha ha," Eugene dismissed them and laughed in amusement as he watched his friend lying on the ground.

The two guards acknowledged them and walked back to their post. They were already used to these two old drunkards.

"Hum? Who are you, lad? Are you planning to steal my elixirs? Fuck off!" Eugene cursed, drunken and bleary-eyed.

"Sir, I have admired you for a long time. I came here specifically to ask for your guidance," Darren said with sincerity.

Darren felt quite fortunate to meet the lanky youth's master.

"Hum, find one of your ancestors to be your master, idiot. Do you think I will accept scums like you to be my disciple?" He replied dismissively. Then, he continued to ascend the stairs, ignoring Darren completely.

'This is bad, ' Darren told himself but decided to go after Eugene. The two guards blocked him immediately and shot him hostile looks.

"Master! I have awakened my Spirit Power," Darren shouted in desperation.

Eugene continued to ascend the staircase indifferent to Darren's words.

"Master, please. Give me a chance. I have awakened my level four Spirit Power." Immediately, he released his Spirit Power and shot at Eugene Chen.

Feeling Darren's power, Eugene turned around pleased. He wasn't that drunk, after all.

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