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   Chapter 118 Rule Cultivators

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The fireball exploded with a thunderous wave of scorching heat that beat them backward. They could not believe their eyes. Darren had learned the "Flames Burning" that they had just exerted in the matter of a few minutes.

It would typically take a high level rule cultivator several years to master a magic formula. No matter how strong his or her Spirit Power was, none of rule cultivators could learn a rule spell so quickly.

But Darren was a special kind of rule cultivator. Not only could he exert the rule force, but he could also see it. He could easily utilize the rule force to help him learn a magic formula.

On top of that, he was a masterful cultivator with a high talent level that could empower him to remember a cultivator's gesture the moment he saw it.


Darren's opponents were thrown into the air by the force of the explosion and blackened by debris and soot. Although the "Flames Burning" Darren exerted was not as strong as theirs, the power of the fireball was still extraordinary.

"The fireball's power isn't enough. I guess I still need more practice," Darren said unsatisfied.

Some of his opponents had passed out from the force of the explosion, and the rest of them were frightened to the depths of their very cores.

"What, what should we do now, Barry? Has his Spirit Power reached level nine?" Henry stammered, shaking with fear.

"Barry, we'd better escape while we can! Henry, it's all your fault! Now we are into serious trouble. We can't afford such heavy consequences of getting involved with a man like him." The background of such a talented rule cultivator must be a legendary being.

The others looked at their thin and tall leader, Barry, awaiting his next command. They all wished to escape but would wait to hear his advice and orders.

"Losers!" Barry yelled. "What else do you know except running away with your tails between your legs? It's time to use my secret weapon." He turned now to face Darren. "Bastard! You're screwed now." He took out several yellow rune papers from his pocket.

"Rune papers!" his followers marveled with surprise.

"My teacher gave me these rune papers to use as a last resort if my life is in danger. It's a waste to use these papers to kill this asshole, but he has infuriated me. Nothing can stop me now."

"What power those rune papers have, Barry? Are you certain you can kill him with the papers?" one of his followers called out.

"Of course, I'm certain! One paper has the ability to suppress his power. Another can shackle him. And the last one can enhance the power of my skill. As long as I use the three of them together, I can even fight against a cultivator of the Mysterious Realm and beat the shit out of him. This bastard is just a cultivator of the Spirit Realm. It'll be a piece of cake!"

When his companions heard this, the fear in their eyes dissipated and hope returned to their hearts. They were well a

Realm. Even though Darren's sword intent was a hundred times weaker, it would still be as easy as blinking an eye to kill the rule cultivators of the Primary Realm.

All of a sudden, Darren's opponents stopped their attacks.

Darren's sword intent was buzzing in their ears.

The mighty power of the sword intent frightened them to the core.

"The sword intent is so powerful. How can that be? Why's his sword intent still so strong? I don't believe it."

Two of them cried with fear and shrieked like crazed dogs.

They could not believe that this teenager in front of him was such a formidable foe. He was like a devil that had come up to play a game of death and destruction with the living.

They could feel Darren's aura of killing intent. Its overbearing weight drowned them, making them suffocate with misery and desperation.


Darren drew a wide arc through the air with his sword. In a flash of light, his opponents were beheaded.

"What's that? What's that feeling in my mind?" After Darren killed them, a strange sensation appeared in his head. He activated his vital energy and cried out, "Absorb!"

A second later, several streaks of transparent soul energy flew to his temples.

"That feels amazing! I've upgraded. My Spirit Power is level four now."

Darren had been right about his speculation that he could not only absorb Witcher Power but also Spirit Power.

Darren slowly landed on the ground and walked toward Barry, who was quaking with cold sweat.

"Tell me! Where do you get the suppression rune?" Darren yelled. He was like a demon from hell, whose every word seemed to plunge daggers through Barry's heart.

Barry, the only one who was alive after Darren's sword attack, was so afraid he could barely speak. He even lost the strength to stand and toppled to the ground heavily. If his mind could process anything beyond Darren's deafening power, he would have noticed that he had wet himself.

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