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   Chapter 117 Confronting Rule Cultivators

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"You brat, you have the guts to mess with us?" a tall, thin young man in a gray robe said menacingly, glaring at Darren.

"Ha-ha. You bastard, I was following you secretly! You're really a fool, didn't even notice me! I can't believe you even dared come here. You're digging your own grave," Henry said smugly. His cheek where his ear had been cut off was swollen. So when he laughed, he looked rather creepy.

Darren began to check the strength of Henry's companions and found out that they were just at the Primary Realm and some of them possessed strong Spirit Power.

"Darren, it's not a good idea for you to fight them. I'm afraid that you will break through if you activate any of your spiritual energy. Leave them to me," Elsa whispered. She took a step forward and unleashed all of her sword intent.

"I can take care of these losers with my blade in a minute. Now that you want to teach them a lesson, I'll leave them to you. Be careful. They are rule cultivators, so they might have some special skills," Darren warned her.

Elsa nodded her head, preparing to unleash some moves against them.

Noticing that Elsa had stepped in front of Darren, the people of the Medicine Pavilion laughed out loud.

"You son of a bitch, you even got a woman to protect you! You're a coward!"

"She's certainly a special girl, isn't she? This brat is so lucky!" one of them said lewdly. "Hey, sweetie, this loser will get you in trouble sooner or later. Why don't you hang out with me? I'll make sure you'll have a good time every night. Ha-ha."

"Go to hell!" Elsa shouted, her face turning dark.

Taking a deep breath, she charged towards them. 'I can handle these losers without using my sword, ' she thought.

The gray-robed young man who outranked the rest snorted and instructed his crew, "Come on, just a girl at the Spirit Realm. Go take her."

A couple of men around him started to move. They got into a formation and made mysterious gestures to form some special handprints.

Upon seeing this, Darren had a bad gut feeling.

When Elsa stretched out her palm to attack them, a soft force entered her body and counteracted the power in her palm. And meanwhile, several wind daggers came at her.

'Rule cultivators are good at using the natural forces to attack people. Looks like I can't underestimate them, ' Darren concluded as he observed the fight.

Elsa couldn't see the wind daggers, but she could detect something was approaching. Instinctively, she rapidly moved aside to dodge the attack. The wall behind her was hit by the wind daggers and fell to pieces instantly.

Elsa narrowed her eyes and beca

rule cultivators' skin!

Though Elsa thought her enemies would be eliminated soon, the rule cultivators sped up simultaneously and vanished into thin air in a flash!

'They used Wind Rule to help them get away? They moved as fast as I do when I display Shadow Lightness, ' Darren thought, amazed at their speed.

He released his Spirit Power and was able to detect the rule cultivators' positions. It turned out they were coming right at Elsa!

With a furious snort, he strode forward.

In a moment, he had positioned himself in front of Elsa and threw an abrupt and mighty kick.

A disciple suddenly became visible!

He was thrown into the air, coughing up blood. He finally fell on the ground ten meters away from where he had flown, rolling limply like a sack of flour.

"I can't believe it. This brat is too fast..."

Now caught in a wave of panic, the rest of the rule cultivators fell to the ground one by one. Darren's abnormally high velocity left them dumbfounded.

What had happened also surprised Elsa. 'If Darren hadn't come to my rescue, I might have suffered severe injuries. The skills these disciples used are very very strange, and yet rather effective, ' she mused.

"Now, it's time to show you what I am capable of," Darren said with a big grin, a wicked look coming over his face. "Flames Burning!"

Darren threw multiple gestures with such speed that no one could see what he was doing. He concentrated, and red flames filled his eyes.

The next second, a fire ball materialized between his palms. Suddenly, it flew towards the rule cultivators lying on the ground.

"It can't be. How did he display our skill!?"

Shaken up, they all fixed their wide eyes on the fire ball hurtling at top speed towards them.

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