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   Chapter 116 Crisis Of Breakthrough

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"Elsa, you woke up?" Darren now realized that Elsa had already come to.

"Well, you must have been busy focusing on that marriage thing," Elsa grunted at him angrily.

Darren smiled at her and said, "That's nonsense. I'll put you down now. I'll explain later. By the way, this is Steven, and this is Stephan."

Darren put Elsa down and pointed at the two men to introduce them.

When they saw Elsa, they were shocked. She was so beautiful that they almost could not breathe.

"Hey." Darren coughed two times, and the two men were startled out of their dazed admiration.

"Ha-ha." They laughed embarrassingly and said, "Darren, you're so lucky, your girlfriend is so beautiful."

Elsa, slightly shy, nodded to them and smiled. "Hello, my name is Elsa Gongsun."

"Hello, Elsa." They both nodded back at her, returning the smile.

They were now formally introduced.

Along the way, Elsa often asked Darren how they came out and why Darren wanted to participate in the contest for marriage. Darren responded to her that they would talk about this later. Of course, she chose to believe him. He must have some special reasons!

Soon, they came to a transmission array.

This transmission array was a huge rotating metal object, shaped like a honeycomb with many individual grids in it. Each grid could accommodate about ten people.

Darren was somewhat surprised to see this huge transmission array. It was rather impressive that this thing had been made by a rule cultivator!

Darren tried to mobilize his Spirit Power to sense it for a while, and he saw endless complex rule lines that formed the transmission array. He couldn't even begin to understand how they worked!

"The rule cultivator that created the transmission array must have used the Spatial Rule with great depth. It's amazing." Darren was astounded.

"You four, where do you want to go? Hurry up!" a guard of the transmission array said, urging them impatiently.

In this place, at least ten thousand cultivators who wanted to go other places were waiting in line, so the guards were busy.

"We want to go to the Lotus Holy Land," Steven took the lead and said to the guards.

"Four people, ten ink stones, pay the money and you can go. Hurry up." The guard's face was blank. It was a monotonous job.

Ten ink stones were also a considerable expenditure for Steven and his friend. They could only get fifty ink stones a month as outer disciples, which was even less than the resources that some other geniuses outside the Holy Land had!

"I'll pay this time." Seeing the awkward air from the two young men, Darren went up to the guard and asked, "I

She didn't believe him at all.

"Really, I'm serious. I feel like I'm going to make breakthrough. I can't suppress myself any longer." Darren sweated a lot and tried his best to suppress the surge of the energy inside his body.

Elsa immediately forgot her anger and went to Darren. She was anxious and asked, "What should I do? I'm afraid it's dangerous for you to make breakthrough at this time."

"Maybe I can still hold it in for ten days, but it's not a long-term solution at all. The contest of the Holy Maiden's marriage is also approaching, and I have to find a way to break through safely." Darren was anxious. His heart felt like it was in searing flames.

"Darren, why do you insist on taking part in the contest? I know you must have a reason. Please tell me." Elsa gently took Darren's arm.

"She's my sister, my own sister," Darren said softly.

"What? Your sister?" Elsa was surprised.

Now, Darren told Elsa everything about his sister.

"Belle is definitely unwilling to marry one of them. How about I dress up as a man to join the contest?" Elsa suggested.

"No, based on what Steven said, the disciples of the two Ancient Families are extraordinary. It won't be so easy to win in the contest." Darren's brows furrowed.

"What should we do?"

"We'll find out. If I make a successful breakthrough to the Mysterious Realm, my power will definitely be strengthened. Maybe I will have a chance then."

Suddenly, several people suddenly came out from nowhere and surrounded Darren and Elsa.

"Brother, it's this guy who cut my ear. He seems to be a rule cultivator too!"

Darren looked at them when he heard the voice. It was Henry, of course. He had brought a group of people with odd and powerful scents to attack Darren.

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