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   Chapter 115 The Holy Maiden's Marriage

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Steven and Stephan could not help but be shocked. They had not expected Darren to hit Henry directly!

"Darren, don't be so impulsive. You'll get into trouble if you provoke him." Steven began to worry about the situation.

"What exactly is the Medicine Pavilion?" Darren asked, recalling what Henry had bragged about.

"Darren, you don't even know the Medicine Pavilion?" Steven was somewhat surprised. "Did you just arrive in the Holy Land?"

Darren nodded honestly.

"No wonder you don't know about it." Steven suddenly realized what was going on, and then he said, "In this case, I will tell you more about it. Let's talk while walking. After you came to the Holy Land, everything will become more complicated than you have experienced before. Each force is in complex dynamic with other forces. Don't be impulsive from now on, Darren."

Having said this, Steven and Stephan signaled Darren to come with them. As they walked, they filled him in on the situation in the Holy Land.

In this way, Darren learned that the strengths of the Holy Lands were not as simple as he had just heard before he arrived in this area.

"Darren, I advise you to join a big force as soon as possible, because being an individual cultivator in the Holy Land will never be easy. If you do not mind, I recommend you participate in the examination for becoming an outer disciple of the Lotus Holy Land," Steven said.

"Steven, are you from the Lotus Holy Land?" Darren asked. He just heard Steven mention his story.

"Well, yes, I am. Unfortunately, even though Stephan and I have been here for so many years, we are just outer disciples. We can't help you much. I think... you seem to be at the peak of the Spirit Realm, aren't you? If your talent is qualified, it will be absolutely no problem for you to become an outer disciple."

Darren was going to the Lotus Holy Land to look for his sister! It couldn't be better that he had met two outer disciples of the same place. He agreed immediately.

"Steven, we should be in the Dragon Holy Land now. Why did you come so far to hunt diabolic beasts?"

"Although it's thousands of miles apart, it only takes a few seconds if we use the transmission array. Five ink stones are really a big cost."

"Transmission array, ink stone?" Darren was puzzled about these unfamiliar words.

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Ink stone is the currency of the Holy Lands. Usually, you can use a superior spiritual herb to exchange for an ink stone. The transmission array is a special tool which can instantly tele

eat fiercely and he asked, "What's the full name of the Holy Maiden you speak of?"

"Full name? I have heard that Elder Xenia has called her Belle, but I don't know if it's her name."

Belle Chu!

Darren's heart began to pound like a drum. The girl they had been talking about was his sister! He needed to find out the details at once!

"Friends, let's hurry up," Darren urged.

"Ha-ha, Darren, why are you in such a hurry, do you want to join in the contest? Don't think about it, boy. Even Zane Zhou, who is the first ranking outer disciple, might have a poor shot at winning. He is at the eighth stage of the Mysterious Realm. Young disciples of the Ancient Families are not easily defeated."

Seeing that Darren's cultivation base was at the Spirit Realm, Steven could not help but joke about this.

"I'm sure I'll join in the contest of the Holy Maiden's marriage." Darren's answer took them by surprise.


They were stunned. They were just joking, and didn't expect Darren to take it seriously!

"Darren, are you serious? Buddy, I advise you not to join in it. At your stage, you will surely be killed in the contest, believe me," Steven persuaded sincerely.


At this time, Elsa, who was resting in Darren's arms, suddenly woke up.

"Who do you want to get married with?"

Elsa pinched Darren's ear when she said this.

"Don't do that, Elsa. I just need to join the contest," Darren replied with a solemn face. He had just heard from Steven that his sister was very reluctant to marry, so at least he had to know the whole situation first. If necessary, he would certainly take part in the contest and win over the so-called Ancient Families!

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