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   Chapter 114 New Friends

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Once Darren had dashed through the door with Elsa in his arms, he had escaped the forbidden area. Exhausted, he fainted and fell to the ground.

A couple of minutes later, he woke up.

He studied his surroundings alertly and caught sight of beautiful flowers and tender grass. In the distance, there were countless towering mountains covered with vegetation. Various diabolic beasts flew in the sky. It was peaceful, pleasant scenery.

Darren took a breath. Having stayed in the forbidden area filled with suffocating tension and darkness, he suddenly fell quite in love with this place, greedily inhaling its fresh air.

Looking down at Elsa in his arms, his mind finally set at ease at the sight of her sleeping with a serene expression.

'Oh, crap!' he thought to himself, his eyes widening as he realized something. 'The spiritual energy in the Holy Land is denser than in any other place. Even when I breathe, some spiritual energy enters my body! Because of this, I will enter the Mysterious Realm in advance!'

The thought made him uneasy. If he made a breakthrough, there was no way he could survive that!

'Even if I control myself and try not to take in spiritual energy, I will break into the Mysterious Realm in ten days. The only way I'll survive it is to suppress sword intent in the process of the breakthrough.'

That was the only way he could think of. But suppressing sword intent was no easy task.

"Come on, guys, go get it!"

A loud voice reached his ears.

Darren was instantly on alert and turned around. The only thing in sight was a beast dashing at him quickly.

'Oh? That's a diabolic beast, not just any beast!' Darren thought.

He got a clearer view as it came close to him. It turned out to be a diabolic boar. He began to sense its strength and found that it was considerable. 'It is supposed to be a level eight or nine diabolic beast. But it's covered in blood! It obviously got seriously injured, ' he assumed.

The boar growled loudly.

Its red eyes flashed as it ran desperately forward. But when it spotted one of the people who was trying to catch it, it changed the direction and came at Darren.

"I planned to leave you be, but now you leave me no choice!" Darren said.

With this, he slit the boar's neck with his blade in a flash.

He had decided to use blade more frequently before he could unleash blade intent which could be on par with the sword intent he mastered. He had made up his mind not to resort to sword intent unless he was in grave danger.

"Well done. That was really impressive!" A loud voice remarked from behind him.

Moments later, two young men who had witnessed Darren slaying the boar ran towards him. They stood in front of Darren with evident admiration in their eyes.

Darren checked the two strangers' power secretly and knew they were at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm. The two could be considered strong cultivators

don't take it personally."

"Screw you! Who the hell are you? I will teach you a lesson when I come back to Lotus City!" Henry barked angrily.

He walked past Steven, pointed at Darren as he demanded, "Get down on your kneels and apologize to me, or you will be in a lot of trouble."

But what happened next took him by great surprise!

He was struck by a stinging slap in the face, leaving a red welt.

"I'd like to see what you can do to me," Darren sneered.

"You dare to hit me? I'm a disciple of the Medicine Pavilion. How dare you?" Henry said with a stunned expression.

"If you don't get out of here, I will kill you," Darren said in a cold tone, blade internal force gushing out from his body.

Henry was only at the Primary Realm. The strong blade internal force Darren had released scared the hell out of him. Face turning pale, he collapsed on the ground.

The next second, he rolled his eyes and an invisible flying dagger shot towards Darren.

'What's this? Looks like he cast some spell, ' Darren thought.

Steven and Stephan didn't notice the flying dagger, but Darren could clearly see it.

'He has used the Wind Rule to dispatch the dagger. That's why it managed to achieve abnormally high velocity!' he analyzed.

Darren gathered his Spirit Power to control the flying dagger.


The dagger turned around and came at Henry. It flew past his cheek and chopped off his ear.

'If I had better control of that dagger, he would be much worse off, ' Darren snickered to himself.

Henry clutched the side of his head where his ear had been cut off. He was so astonished that he was numb to the pain coming from his wound. He stared at Darren in disbelief.

After a long pause, he cried out in disbelief, "You manipulated my wind dagger. Are you a... "

"Get lost!" Darren interrupted him sharply before he could finish his sentence.

Henry bolted away. All the blood had drained from his face!

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