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   Chapter 113 Hope (Part Two)

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Tragically, most of the people who had participated in the experiments died on the spot. A few of them became dozens of times stronger than before, but their consciousness was out of control, meaning, they went insane. Gradually, they became fiends in the end, which had increased the number of their enemies.

Upon seeing the scenarios from the past, Darren could only gulp because of mixed emotions. Among those people who participated in the experiments, only one strong person got eighty percent of success. And after knowing who he was, Darren was astonished.

That successful man was exactly the Demon King Andrew, who had been buried in the mysterious bronze coffin. He was a powerful emperor at that time, known for the countless battles that he won.

After the assimilation, Andrew created a masterpiece of demonic skills. And his strength improved sharply and he almost reached the Holy Realm. His power was truly that of a king.

But why Andrew could only be considered eighty percent successful. Darren also witnessed this.

Even with the power of a king, Andrew couldn't condense the demon core. It meant that his strength stalled at that level and couldn't be improved further, leading him to only attain eighty percent success.

Actually, Twelve had felt the demon core's presence instantly while Darren was transforming into a fiend. After all, Twelve's ability and experience were extraordinary. And that was why he was so excited just now as he witnessed one of the extraordinary things he had ever seen. This moment was remarkable for him.

Now, it was apprehended that Darren could transform into a fiend. It meant that the human race's experiments succeeded eventually. There was one person who could transform into a fiend, and at the same time, had the ability to control himself. A person that could save the human race.

Feeling confused, Darren still couldn't understand why the witcher was so excited. Yes, he could transform into a fiend. But what did it matter to the witcher?

So Darren said, "Sir, I can transform into a fiend. That's true." Twelve only nodded with a big smile. Darren continued, "But what does it have to do with your decision to consume your Witcher Power to send me out?"

"My kid, we have suppressed the giant devil for thousands of years. But our power will run out one day. And that day is coming soon. You are aware of that.

Even if I don't consume Witcher Power, we twelve witchers can only suppress it for eight hundred years at most. And other major Holy Lands may be in the same situation.

It had been dismembered t

was that moment that a deafening roar called out. Then the bloody paw broke through layers of barriers and suppression, and insanely, extended directly to Darren. It was not easy to control.

"Oh no. It has been dormant all these years. It already has the strength to break through the shackle. What should we do?" a witcher asked, but no one answered as they were focused on the spell. The eleven witchers near the blood pool were totally shocked. Then they, in a panic, released blasts of power to suppress that devil.

But the bloody paw still extended to Darren flashily. He might get hurt if it would still go berserk.

However, Twelve didn't stop, he increased the speed of changing gestures. There would be no way for him to spoil the success now. Darren should not be trapped here, as he still had a mission to fulfil for the human race.

After a while, a light door appeared and opened slowly at the end of the passage. Finally, a portal opened.

Being frightened and agitated, Darren held Elsa and rushed out to that door at his fastest speed. No time should be wasted.

However, simultaneously, the bloody paw just touched Darren's arm, then scratched and wounded him. The bloody paw felt something strange upon this.

A drop of blood slid from his arm and dropped onto the bloody paw. The blood was very unique to the bloody paw's senses. At this moment, Darren's figure vanished completely. He could go back to the outside now.

Meanwhile, Twelve didn't notice the tiny scene as he was too focused on creating a passage for Darren.

Under the witchers' crazy suppression, the huge paw fell into the blood pool again. The ambiance finally toned down. And everything went back to normal once again.

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