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   Chapter 111 Choice

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Darren was surprised for a split second. He then held Elsa's hand and followed the man in dark.

As they walked further, Darren found that the array which trapped them before was made up of simple threads, not as complicated as he thought at first. He could easily crack the threads if he wanted to. As they went forward, the view on both sides changed. There weren't any gray walls anymore.

At the end of the palace was a door. After they entered the door, they were greeted with a narrow tunnel, with kerosene lamps lit on both sides. The dust over the lamps produced a general air of decrepitude and neglect.

"Look, Darren! Who are they?"

Many people in black robes sat on both sides of the tunnel. Many of them had black iron chains piercing through their chests. And the others had their hands and feet shackled. They were like withered flowers. It seemed that they had been dead for centuries.

"Are they rule cultivators?" Darren guessed.

"Not quite. Witchers! We are all witchers,"

said the elder in front of them, with his hoarse voice.

"Aren't you a rule cultivator, sir? And what makes a witcher different?" Darren asked out of curiosity. The answer the elder offered proved that his former speculations were wrong.

The elder, who walked very slowly, made no answer to Darren's question and kept teetering.

All of a sudden, a strange roar came from the end of the tunnel.

The roar was faint but powerful.

What happened next knocked Darren and Elsa down to the ground in an instant. Green flames blazed in the dead men's eyes, and they all turned their heads towards the end of the tunnel simultaneously.

"They are still alive!"

Darren's jaw dropped after seeing what happened. He had never expected those men in black robes to be alive.

When the faint roar disappeared, the green light in their eyes slowly faded until they completely went out. The tunnel went back to its former state, in absolute silence as if nothing had ever happened.

Elsa held Darren's arm tightly and said in a low voice, "I'm scared, Darren."

Darren made no answer but held her hand tightly to comfort her.

The absolute silence went on for several hours.

"It's human blood!"

Some elders, in the same black robes, walked over to the elder in front of Darren and Elsa. Green flames were burning in their eyes. Their glares exuded hostility towards Darren and Elsa.

Then the elder, who was leading Darren and Elsa, talked to them in their language that Darren didn't understand.

At first, they were whispering. Every now and then, they would look at Darren. Then they had a dispute. But in the end, it seemed that they had reached an agreement.

An elder, who came here later, walked over and l

by Witcher Power, it would escape out of here when most of the power is shifted from guarding it. That's the last thing we want to see. That's why no one ever got out of here alive."

"Look at us!"

The one who spoke took off his black robe.

His body was skeleton-like but covered in withered skin.

"We have no blood running in our bodies. Technically, we are not human beings. We are witchers."

"Now! Tell us your choice! You want to die or be a witcher? If you choose to be one of us, you will stay here and guard the monster."

Darren looked at the unconscious Elsa and gave it some thought. Then he made up his mind. Since Elsa had no choice but to die, he decided to be with her forever. Darren answered, "Sorry, sir! I choose the first one. I choose to die with her."

Silence swept over the tunnel once again.

"Alas! It's better for you to die under the palace's hands than be killed by us," an elder said with a sigh.

"That's all right. I'm ready now, sir!"

Then the elder reached out his hands and made a strange gesture. The next second, the Witcher Power targeted Darren's head.

"Ken, what are you doing? Why don't you use the Death Rule? The rule could melt his blood thoroughly. It's safer," another elder asked with doubt.

"I want him to die with ease. After all, everyone is scared of death."

"That's right."

The elder who just exerted the Witcher Power was destroying Darren's soul before melting his blood. Then Darren would feel less pain before dying.

But when his power got into Darren's soul, a destructive force burst out.

The elder felt the aggressive force, which was strong enough to destroy everything in the world. In the end of the tunnel, twelve men in black robes, whose power auras were mighty and invincible, lit up the green flames in their eyes.

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