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   Chapter 110 Realization

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The sudden events brought fear to Darren.

He could feel his blood and flesh shriveling so fast as the dying and withering breath invaded his body continuously.

In great surprise, Darren immediately battled his thoughts and dispatched all his internal force and sword intent in a desperate attempt to block the queer breath.

It was like watering off a duck's back. The strange and withering breath permeated into Darren's pores, soon it had soaked through every inch of Darren's skin.

But Darren couldn't feel any pain.

"What should I do?"

Under the intense pressure of the situation, Darren battled his thoughts once again to try to assimilate the strange breath.

To his desperation, he failed none the less.

He was able to assimilate talent, cardiac core, and sword intent successfully, but this was something else. There wasn't anything he could do about it. The mysterious stone in his mind had no reaction to the withering breath.

"Elsa, you as well..."

Just when Darren was about to give up, he saw the same changes happening to Elsa as they happened to him.

At this moment, both Darren and Elsa were going through indescribable changes. It was as if they were witnessing the elapsing of time, marking the signs of aging in their hearts. They had so many things left undone, they had just fallen in love.

'To age and die in this manner?'

Darren could not accept the way he and Elsa were aging. But they were unable to resist the power no matter how hard he tried.

"The power of a rule cultivator," Darren sighed.

Their bodies continued to shrivel, soon they would be turned into nothing but bones.

'The power of a rule cultivator?' Darren thought. 'Where does the power of a rule cultivator lie? It's somewhere between heaven and earth, isn't it? I can try to comprehend the true meaning of the power brought by the rule master.'

Meanwhile, he recalled the queer gestures of the men in the black robes engraved on the stony pillars. Of course his memory had helped him memorize all the gestures.

Lost in deep silence, Darren imitated the same gestures engraved on the stone pillars. A moment later, he felt as if everything around them had vanished.

In the darkness, countless varicolored spots of light flew through the air.

Darren was like an onlooker watching these spots of light dance friskily in the darkness. He also saw many green ones being dragged out of his and Elsa's bodies via gray threads as thin as hair.

'That's the breath of life. Ours are being taken away from us, but what are those thin threads? They are threads of the rule, just li

ith a crutch in his hand, he stumbled forward.

"You have connected with the rule."

He raised his head and looked at Darren, green spots of light fluttered like wild fire in his own eyes. He must have looked surprised if he could have any expressions.

Darren opened his eyes. Half of the old man's withered face exposed from his black robe startled Darren.

"Sir, are you the rule cultivator who has been guarding this place?" Darren asked, confused.

He didn't expect someone to be living there.

But when Darren tried to use his thought to detect the old man's breath of life, he felt noting. This made him even more confused.

Without answering Darren's question, the man in the black robe reached out his withered palm and made a move in the dark. Immediately countless gray silk threads burst out of the black chains and enveloped Darren, turning him into a cocoon.

Again, Darren felt his vitality gushing out of his body like cascading rivers.

"Sir!" Darren gave a hasty shout. He felt he couldn't cut these gray powerful silk threads at all with his thought.

"How could he connect with the rule?" the man in black robe muttered to himself, a coarse voice uttering from his throat.

"Sir, I have figured out that the martial skill cultivators seize the force of heaven and earth while the rule cultivators only control it. I broke the gray silk threads by pure coincidence. Please show me mercy."

"Seize the force of the heaven and earth, control the force of the heaven and earth," the old man repeated slowly. The green spots of light in his hollow eye sockets flashed again. "Follow me," his voice was quite strained.

The gray silk threads that enveloped Darren and Elsa vanished along with his words.

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