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   Chapter 109 Mysterious Paintings (Part Two)

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As he started to analyze the patterns, he tried to recall some of the details he found.

When the war began and up until it became more and more violent towards the end, there was always a group of mysterious men who wore black robes that kept appearing in every corner of the paintings, but their faces were always not shown clearly.

Darren closed his eyes to think. A copious number of paintings flashed through his mind.

Eventually, an idea popped up in his mind and his face lit up in realization.

"The rule cultivator…" he quietly murmured.

He op

s. A seemingly infinite number of runes suddenly flashed across their eyes then the whole palace shook violently.

"Shit!" Darren cursed. He swiftly stood up from the ground as he berated himself under his breath, "I knew those chains were dangerous. I'm so careless!"

Once Darren was on his feet, the entire palace was suddenly pervaded by a strange smell and the numerous runes flew into his body.

Elsa was left aghast by what had just happened, and Darren, shortly after his body absorbed the runes, went deathly pale and looked as if he might faint.

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