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   Chapter 108 Mysterious Paintings (Part One)

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"Elsa, what did you see?" Darren asked. He had tried to use his mind to explore the palace, but he didn't find anything.

Staring at the expanse of darkness with a blank expression on her face, Elsa blinked, her eyes quivered nervously. After she snapped out of her brief trance, she finally replied, "I saw a guy over there. He was wearing a black robe. When I tried to watch clearly, he suddenly made a slight movement. But it's totally dark in there, so I am not sure if my eyes have just deceived me." Darren went silent for a moment.

"Maybe…" he started. He cut himself off and looked away.

When he looked up, he found that numerous black chains were interlaced on the ceiling. Now that it was called forbidden area, he felt that it might be far too risky to walk into it as it might be hard for them to get out again. They were facing an extremely dangerous situation, and he needed to think things through with caution.

"Elsa, you should just stay here and wait for me. I will try to find the way out by myself," Darren bravely insisted.

Since the three sides of the palace were blocked by the walls that were plastered with an abundance of mysterious runes, they could only find a way out from the front of the palace. However, the road at the front was in total darkness, so he had to believe in himself and to venture out and take the risk for them both. After looking around and finding nothing strange, Darren decided that they were presently staying at a relatively safe place. Since the place was safe from the danger and violence that threatened them, he wanted Elsa to stay.

"No," Elsa firmly replied.

"Don't worry, Elsa. I will be careful," Darren assured her.

"Oh, I'm not worried about you. I'm just afraid of being alone in this gl

as possible.

He soon realized that they were paintings realistically depicting the grand wars. Human beings and various strange creatures were painted on them.

Since the paintings were enormous and there was an innumerable amount of them, it was too mundane for the human mind to comprehend those paintings. Even though Darren was super talented, it still took him three days to completely understand them. Elsa also did not just goof around. She went down to business as she read all the patterns and tried deciphering them with Darren.

"Well… What do you think, Darren?"

Elsa prodded at Darren after going through all the patterns and paintings.

"From what we've gathered, the war started with an unknown mysterious creature. It triggered the start of a war that lasted for over tens of thousands of years. Also according to the patterns, people who got involved in the war were exceptionally strong and only a few people were able to match their power at that time. Those people had died in the war and that whole affair was now in the dim and distant past, and still, not many men have achieved the same greatness in talents as they had," he slowly enumerated.

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