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   Chapter 107 Healing

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The eight Holy Lands for martial arts had been guarding the forbidden area for numerous years. Since the beginning, no one had ever attempted to enter it.

Scott Ao was the first person who tried to do so. However, to his surprise, he couldn't make it. The power of the obstruction was too strong.

The other Holy Lords also fell to the ground.

"I just found out that the forbidden area you guard houses a living creature. Who is there?" asked a Holy Lord named Landon Lei.

Now, the two middle-aged men who guarded the forbidden area came over and narrated what happened in detail.

"A young man who reached the Spirit Realm is in there?"

The Holy Lords asked in disbelief. It seemed impossible. Even Scott could not get in. How could a young man who was only in the Spirit Realm make it?

"Distinguished Holy Lords, he was a guy with black spikes covering his body. I didn't know what happened to him," one of the guards said.

Scott looked grim and frowned when hearing the story.

"Dammit," he cursed. The Holy Lord of Lotus Holy Land stood out and said, "Do you remember the strange thing that happened in Barren Wasteland a few months ago? Was he the one in the coffin?"

"I don't think so. That day, each Holy Land sent hundreds of cultivators in the Wonder Realm to suppress the fiend. He seemed to have been shocked by something. During the escape, he injured more than ten cultivators, indicating that he had immense strength."

"But, if the guy who entered the forbidden area had black spikes, then he must have had some business with the fiend in the coffin. If he entered the forbidden area, I am afraid that..."

The faces of the Holy Lords turned grim.

"It's no use guessing it. Let's get out of here and see for ourselves what will happen."


After a long discussion among the Holy Lords of the Holy Lands, Scott stared at the door with no words. He had an ominous premonition.

"Lord, I did it unintentionally, please spare me," Frank pleaded as he knelt on the ground with his heart in his boots.

Scott ignored Frank and walked away.

This silent atmosphere made Frank extremely fear

ch spiritual energy. I am almost at the Mysterious Realm," he replied. He looked very concerned.

"What should we do? You have to stop absorbing spiritual energy," Elsa replied, worried about Darren.

"Don't worry, I can take care of myself," Darren nodded. Something else seemed to bother him.

Once he reached the Mysterious Realm, enormous spiritual energy would enter his body. This would cause conflict between the blade internal force and the sword intent. This conflict might kill him.

What was more, the sword intent was much stronger than the blade internal force. Under such circumstances, a struggle between them might cause bad things to happen.

Darren thought for a while.

'If blade internal force is defeated by the sword intent, the powerful sword intent will split my body into pieces in an instant, ' he speculated.

Thinking of this, Darren stopped absorbing spiritual energy. He would die if he accidentally broke into the realm.

'Only when sword intent and blade internal force are well-matched in strength could I survive entering the Mysterious Realm, ' he realized. 'What I have to do for now is to strengthen my blade internal force so I can prepare to achieve a higher realm.'

"Darren, look!" Elsa suddenly yelled, frightened.

Darren immediately woke up from his meditation and turned his gaze to the area where the sound came from. However, he saw nothing but a dark hall.

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