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   Chapter 106 Forbidden Area

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With Elsa in his arms, Darren tried his best to escape.

Suddenly, he sensed someone coming. He had an unmistakably powerful aura. Worse, he was coming for him.

'What should I do?' Darren thought in panic. Considering his current strength, the most sensible thing to do was to run away. He was not fit enough to fight someone who was above the sixth stage of the Mysterious Realm.

'Oh no, he's coming!' he thought as he felt a chill creep up his spine.

The figure started to approach him.

"Are you trying to get away, brat?" said the old man from far away. Concentrating his strength in his palm, he hit the lad with it.


Despite his best efforts to dodge the blow, Darren was hit strong and hard. He spat out blood immediately on impact.

"He is still alive? Looks like this bastard is stronger than I expected," the old man said in surprise. He then gave Darren a more powerful strike.

'Damn it! He is running towards the forbidden area. I must kill him with my next blow!' the old man thought with creased eyebrows. A while later, he found himself closer to his prey approaching a dusty palace with a hundred-foot-tall door covered by mysterious runes.

"Go to hell!" the old man cursed as he threw a fist at Darren. His punch contained eighty percent of his power.

The vital energy the blow carried caused the dust on the ground to float in the air and shoot towards Darren.

Flustered, Darren tried to concentrate. The demon core inside his elixir field started to stir. He planned to use his demonic power to withstand the upcoming blow.

'It looks like that palace is some forbidden area. Perhaps I can hide there, ' Darren thought as the edifice caught his eye.

"Get lost!"

Suddenly, just as Darren dashed towards the entrance of the building, a powerful shout resounded. He spat blood again.

Two middle-aged men appeared at the front door, blocking him from entering. They were even stronger than the man chasing after him.

All the while, the tremendous vital energy the elder behind him released was still coming at him. He found himself trapped. He could not find a way to escape his fate at that moment.

"Stop or we will kill you!"

the more powerful man boomed again. His shout was enough to make Darren spit blood again. Darren felt that his bones almost crushed because of its power.

'This is not good. I'm going to die, ' Darren thought in desperation.

Seeing the injured Elsa in his arms, he decided to pull himself together. He had to survive this. Wasting no time, he activate

who exuded an aura as powerful as his suddenly showed up in the sky.

"Scott, you just made a huge mistake,"

a man surrounded by blue lightning said icily.

"Oh, come on, you're overreacting," a girl standing over a lotus said to her companion. "But seriously, Scott, you do need to be more careful. You should not let other people inside there again. The rest of us do our job well." She smiled.

"Humph, what if it flees from the forbidden area? Who can defeat it and lock it up again?" the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land said sternly.

"Don't be so pessimistic. If the eight of us work together, I'm sure we'll manage to put it in prison again. Anyway, let's go. Scott, just pay more attention to the forbidden area next time," the Holy Lord of Void Holy Land said.

"He is right. That should be doable."

The seven Holy Lords stayed in a heated discussion while floating in mid-air, but Scott Ao stayed motionless as he watched them.

After a long pause, he finally said coldly, "I will enter the forbidden area and take him back."

"No way!"

the Holy Lords opposed his idea instantly.

"What if you die there? You know how dangerous it is in there!"

"Scott, you're only half a step into the Grand Realm. How can you be so stupid?"


"I've made up my mind," Scott said resolutely. Regardless of their objections, he took a step towards the door of the palace.

"Scott, you are so stubborn! Come back!"

The seven figures in the sky flew towards Scott in an attempt to stop him.

To everyone's surprise, the instant Scott lifted his foot to step inside, the golden runes lit up and forced him to step back.

"It refused me!" Scott murmured in shock.

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