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   Chapter 105 Run

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As he ran into the courtyard, Darren easily swept off any creature that stood in his way. As a result, many of the subordinates who had reached the seventh or eighth stage of the Spirit Realm had fallen to his sword.

"Who the hell is this savage boy? How is he so powerful while only at the Spirit Realm?" The two veterans at the fifth stage of the Mysterious Realm stood aside, stupefied.

"How imprudent. Let me cut his head down." One of the veterans mounted a charge directly against Darren.

At that time, Darren seemed to be completely immersed in slaughtering—turning around, he easily wielded his sword toward the attacker without hesitation.

Halfway through the dash, the man moved back instantaneously—he felt the dangerous hint of death just from Darren's movement.

Soon, the noises attracted plenty of curious spectators around them.

"I'm afraid that this kid, Joseph, just invited big trouble. A young man at the Spirit Realm who managed to slaughter his subordinates like he was butchering animals… he must have some powerful background."

"Did you see how he just forced a man at the fifth stage of the Mysterious Realm back by wielding his sword only once? Is he even human?"


Meanwhile, Joseph Wu who was as stout as he ever was, yelled from upstairs, "I can't stand this perpetual noise any longer. All these useless losers, halve their resources for this month, hmph."

"Don't be mad, my lord. I will help you hold her legs to keep her from moving." Nathan Chen walked over to ingratiate himself with his master.

"Ha, little beauty, your sweetheart is coming." At the same time, Joseph threw himself in the same direction impatiently.


Blood spewed out from Elsa's mouth and onto the two people with a faint trace of sword intent.

Because her mind was still rather fuzzy, she could only forcefully control the sword intent inside her body using her instincts. Inside her navel, the sword core was so bleak that it was on the edge of shattering into pieces.

"Ouch!" Because Elsa was in his reach, Nathan was going to press Elsa's torso when the sword intent pierced through his ear.

"Damn it…" he cursed. Grabbing Elsa's sleeve, he tore her clothes into pieces.

"Tsk tsk… so beautiful and seductive. Enjoy, my lord." Nathan's smile was maliciously dark.

"Ha! I can't wait any longer. Hold her tight for me!"

As Joseph lowered his fat torso, his hands stretched toward Elsa.


The instant Joseph's hand barely touched her, an unparalleled sword light flashed and the whole flo

ing Darren the chance to initiate his sword core and refill his body with power.

Although he was able to use all his power, Darren wasn't certain he had a chance of surviving—he needed four thousand times more sword intent to kill a Wonder Realm master.


But Darren had no choice but to try his best. A strong sword intent broke through, along with unbounded blade internal force and demonic internal force.

The unparalleled force flooded the surroundings, making the two warriors at the top stage of Mysterious Realm jump back, one of them getting injured.

"This…" "Such strong sword intent… what happened? This kid…" The veterans couldn't be more surprised.

At the same instant, a figure flashed speedily toward Joseph who sat on the floor beside his grandpa crying.

"I'll kill you!" his grandpa shouted. "You still want to kill my grandson when you're about to die. You're asking for it now!"

With a wave of hand, the old man made the sword intent disperse easily before he raised his palm toward the figure.

"Phantom!" After one hit, the old man's face suddenly turned away.

No wonder he felt a trace of a rule force flash. "Does he have Omnipotent Talent Skill?" he muttered.

He would never have believed that a young man of the Spirit Realm could possess powerful sword intent and Omnipotent Talent Skill and could summon a Phantom that he couldn't detect, had he not witnessed it himself.

While the old man was stunned, the figure of the young man disappeared, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

"No matter who you are… I'm going to kill you! Mark my words!"

In an instant, the old man's body moved swiftly toward where the young man disappeared.

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