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   Chapter 104 He Is Coming

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Darren pushed himself to his limit, going as fast as he could while following Shaun. Shortly after, palaces appeared in front of them.

The palaces stretched until the end of the horizon, but most of them were in the mist. They looked luxurious and magnificent. A giant dragon silhouette emerged behind the palaces, as though it was trying to be inconspicuous. That was where Dragon Sect was located.

"Shaun, do you know where Joseph lives?"

Darren looked around him, unable to contain his thoughts from showing on his face. All he could think about was how hard it would be to find a single person amidst this enormous place.

"Relax, brother. Though Joseph is one of the inner disciples, he could never live in luxurious palaces. In fact, he is a good-for-nothing lad who has to rely on his grandfather. It is quite easy to find him. Come on, this way."

Shaun pointed at the rows of wood houses just beneath the palace steps.

Darren rapidly flew towards the wood houses. The nearer he got, the stronger sword core was changing. It seemed he was really getting close to his destination.

There were thousands of wood houses ahead, though, and they appeared to be endless.

"What? Who the hell stepped on my spiritual flowers to death?"

"Amazing! Those people are so fast! Just who are they?"

"Wait! They are not members of Dragon Sect! Chase them!"

Dashing into the wood houses, Darren and Shaun were detected by quite a lot of outer disciples in Dragon Sect. They heard the comments and remarks thrown at them, but they made sure not to make eye contact.

Darren was slightly surprised when he saw these outer disciples. He felt that the outer disciples had already reached the Mysterious Realm. Clearly, they were comparable to Jerome in Ilmen Sect.

He wished that these people would never try to stop him. He could handle it if only two or three would block his way, but more than that? It would result in too much of a delay and they couldn't afford that. They were pressed for time as it was, so they wanted the barest amount of confrontations possible. He was quite anxious.

As he was poring over the possibilities, two figures appeared in front of them, releasing powerful energy. Darren scowled. This was not looking good.

"Where are you from, you little thieves? How dare you rush into our Dragon Sect?"

Shaun threw Darren a sideways glance. "What should we do, brother? Joseph is not far away now. If we could just get a few more minutes..." he trailed off with a wince. The power emanating from those two men was so strong that his breath came out in hitches.

Darren did not answer, but his face said it all. This was not going to be easy for both of them. He was willing to risk it--to fight to the death.

"What? Joseph? You are looking for that piece of shit? Too bad, you won't be able to fin

utiful young girls and send them to him.

"Good boy! I will give you three superior spiritual herbs this time. Oh, wait! Since you have given me such a beautiful girl, I will give you five!" Joseph exclaimed, laughing as he sprayed spit everywhere.

"Thank you, Master." Nathan made a kowtow to Joseph. Suddenly, with a lustful glance at the girl, he said, "Master, after you finish with her... could I toy her for a little bit?"

"Fuck off!" Joseph yelled irritably. "I am going to play with this little beauty for at least a month. I will let you know by then." He then tried to kick Nathan out of the room.

Nathan rolled on the ground, but held onto the hem of Joseph's clothes desperately. His eyes lingered on the girl and it was obvious that he wanted to get his share. It was so rare to find someone like her. He wasn't going to let this chance go. He raised his head and spoke, "My lord, I will help you hold her down so you can do whatever you want with her."

It didn't matter that he couldn't have her right now. He just wanted to touch her.

"Whatever. I can't wait any longer," Joseph huffed as he started taking his clothes off. He looked at his two subordinates, who reached the fifth stage of the Mysterious Realm, and barked, "Spread her legs. Once she gets a taste of the real world, she won't struggle anymore."

In the corner, Elsa trembled with fear and pain. She was so injured that she could barely open her eyes after initiating sword intent over and over again. She looked at Joseph and saw the kind of misery she was about to go through.

Just as she was about to succumb to despair and hopelessness, though, the sword core in her belly started to vibrate violently. A wave of warm air and familiarity hit her, making her smile in relief despite the situation she was in.

"He is coming..." She closed her eyes and wiped the tear that slid down her face.

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