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   Chapter 103 Elsa's Whereabouts

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Darren came to an inn and got a room. He closed the door in an effort to get some sleep, but soon loud noises reached his ears from outside.

"So many things have happened recently! That damned fat man forced a poor injured girl to be his girlfriend! You got robbed and got your arm broken! I don't even know where to start to try and fix this crap," Shaun Long yelled.

"I didn't want to bother you, but that brat has gone too far. He mugged us and even killed Neil. You have to help us take revenge!

One more thing... I heard that the stunning maiden Nathan met was really powerful. Word on the street is she released sword intent. I don't know if that's true. If that girl really mastered sword intent, I bet she comes from some influential sect. I don't think Nathan would dare to take advantage of her," Paul Long replied.

"As far as I know, Nathan gave up trying to convince that girl to marry him. But Nathan… he seems much more cunning than Mr.... Nathan really is crafty. I heard that he gave that gorgeous girl to Joseph Wu, a disciple of Dragon Sect," another man cut in.

"Shut up!" Shaun shouted, anger written all over his face. "Nathan caught that poor girl! I wanted to rescue her but I failed. I was too weak!"

Boiling over with rage, he stretched out his hand and destroyed a chair.

"Where are you, you despicable killer? Get out!" he bellowed, overcome with fury.

The next minute, a teenager showed up and stood in front of Shaun.

"Shaun, it's him. He murdered Neil and broke Paul's arm," the lad said, pointing at Darren.

"You took a life in broad daylight! Scumbags like you shouldn't live in this world," Shaun hollered, fuming in rage as his eyes squinted fiercely.

To everyone's surprise, Darren rushed to Shaun, grabbed him by the collar and said icily, "Tell me where Dragon Sect is."

Darren could sense everything that was happening within a radius of tens of thousands feet, so of course the conversation among those men didn't escape him. After hearing what they said, he had a sinking feeling that the girl in question was Elsa.

Shaun was overwhelmed by fear. He couldn't move an inch. And at the same time, he felt like countless sharp swords were pressed firmly into his skin, threatening to cut him into a million pieces once he moved an inch.

"You, you have comprehended sw

ow how to find Joseph," Darren said.

"My ancestors were involved with Dragon Sect and I was lucky to be its non-official disciple. I have been there once," Shaun replied truthfully.

"Great. Come with me," Darren responded.

He grabbed Shaun by the arm and activated the Shadow Lightness. In a blink of an eye, the two had vanished into thin air.

Under Shaun's direction, the two arrived at a stone monument.

"Buddy, this is the entrance to Dragon Holy Land. But you can't get inside because you don't have a token," Shaun said with a sigh.

At once, a token materialized in Darren's hand.

"No way! You have one!" Shaun exclaimed in astonishment. He shook his head in disbelief, but instructed Darren, "Insert it into the slot on the monument, then we can get inside."

Darren inserted the token into the slot immediately. With a flash of white light, he and Shaun had disappeared.

Darren arrived at another place in an instant.

Beautiful scenery unfolded before him. He looked around and saw plenty of trees, grass and flowers. Looking up, he spotted many diabolic beasts flying in the sky.

However, he was in no mood to appreciate the enchanting landscape. All he wanted was to reach Dragon Sect.

Suddenly, the sword core in his elixir field began to move slowly, making low sounds.

'Is Elsa activating her sword intent? This is not good. She must be in danger!' Darren thought. With a livid face, he grabbed Shaun by the shoulder and said impatiently, "Take me to Dragon Sect!"

Shaun nodded. The two disappeared again.

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