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   Chapter 102 Conflict (Part Two)

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"You fucking idiot! You had your chance and you blew it. I was being generous, offering you a reasonable price for that herb. But since you don't want my money, I will just take it for free. Give it to me now!" the young man roared. He then kicked the man right in the stomach, snatched the superior spiritual herb from his pocket along with the money he threw at him, and walked away.

The man doubled over to the ground and cried out in pain, but he did not dare offer any more disagreement. His cultivation base was only at the first stage of the Primary Realm, after all. His strength could not possibly compare to that of these people who were members of a noble clan.

What was just robbed from him was a superior spiritual herb. Even just a little amount of the herb would have been able to help him support his family for at least ten years. He found it hard to accept such a loss.

The man was still lamenting over his misfortune when he turned over and saw that Darren was still there at the restaurant. "Mister! Mister! Please help me! They took the precious herb you just gave me. Please! Please help!" the man begged as he crawled over.

Darren felt sorry for the man, so he walked up to the young man and tried to reason with him. "Mister, why don't you just give the superior spiritual herb back to the poor man. Please have some sympathy," he appealed.

"Who the hell are you? Don't you know who I am, you idiot? Nobody in this city dares to go against my will, so fuck off!" the young man barked.

Darren grew infuriated with him, but he chose not to waste h

ace pale in fear. He then threw the two herbs on the ground and ran away.

Darren did not try to follow them. He killed the massive man only as a warning. Otherwise, they would have continued bugging him. He could not care less what they did next, as long as they left him and the poor man alone.

"Mr. Long, that guy is fucking strong! Lucky for us! We survived death," one of the young men said, relieved.

"You fucking idiot! That guy is in big trouble now. We have to avenge Neil," Paul Long snapped at him.

He turned to the other young man. "John, break my arm. I will go see my brother and tell him that that guy robbed us and killed Neil. Got it?"

"Are you sure, Mr. Long? This plan is brilliant, though. Your brother is a nominated disciple of the Dragon Sect and would even be qualified to get into the Dragon Holy Land a year from now. If your brother would help us, that guy would be done for!" John Liu replied.

"You're damn right! We better move faster. That guy might run away if we don't hurry"

They then staggered away.

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