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   Chapter 101 Conflict (Part One)

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Darren kept running without taking any rest. He had no more rune papers to help him now. If a cultivator of the Wonder Realm, or even some cultivators of the Mysterious Realm caught up with him, he would certainly get killed.

He ran as farther west as he could. By the time he took the time to stop to take a breath, he had already run for hundreds of miles.

The ancient parchment scroll Hailey left him included the location of the eight Holy Lands in the world and he had read that the Dragon Holy Land and the Lotus Holy Land were in the west. One of the reasons why Darren headed towards west was to find his sister.

'I wonder how Elsa is doing. Every time I think about her, the sword core in my elixir field would react. Very interesting. I wonder if it's because we absorbed the same sword intent when we worked on our sword cores. So we can feel each other now. Is that it?' Darren mused.

Gaining new strengthened determination from the thought, he set off again, walking towards west. His feeling told him that he would also find Elsa in the west. He wasn't certain if his feeling was right or wrong, but it was better than going with nothing.

A few hours of walking later, Darren found a prosperous city at the foot of a mountain.

After having climbed over several mountains, it felt like it was almost heaven-sent for him to find such a perfect place for a respite. He then leaped into the air and landed in front of the city.

"Andor City! What a big city!" he delightedly exclaimed. As he walked into the city, he found that the place was much more lively and bustling than Acqua City. There were people and merchants anywhere he looked.

Darren roamed around for a while and later stumbled upon a re

d the herb and interjected, "That's a superior spiritual herb!"

Based on the clothes the guests were wearing, it could be presumed that they were from a rich family, plus they were all carrying weapons. They were most likely from a martial arts clan. Otherwise, they would not have been able to tell that the herb was a superior spiritual herb with just a glance.

"Oh! It's true! That really is a superior spiritual herb!" a young man exclaimed. "Hey, you! I will give you four hundred for that herb," he said as he took out money from his pocket and threw it at the man's direction.

"I'm sorry, mister. I'm afraid it's not for sale," the man replied as he quickly hid the herb into his pocket. Although he didn't know what a spiritual herb looked like, he had heard a great deal about it to know that a superior spiritual herb was worth a fortune, at least a thousand.

"Save your nonsense! Will you give it to me or not?" the young man threatened.

The threat scared the man, but once he had thought about how much the superior spiritual herb was worth, it became hard to convince him to give it up. In the end, he just shook his head.

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