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   Chapter 100 Target

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The others were all gone now. Darren's heart was suddenly at peace as he thought of the future.

He did not want to leave hastily, since the people from Blade Holy Land would not come for him in a short while.

Darren kept striding forward until he entered that bamboo cottage on the highest peak.

"Alas, the two masters died in rescuing me. I feel distraught at this." Darren could not help feeling melancholic after he stepped foot in the cottage. Though he had just met that two old men for a short time, he felt that they were nicer and warmer than all the elders in the family.

"If it hadn't been for Mr. Wan's treasure, I would have been dead. But I know I can do better if I'm stronger," Darren sighed.

"Mr. Wan is a rule cultivator. What exactly is that? How could a rule cultivator create such a formidable treasure?"

Darren thought of the rune which made his sword intent over a thousand times stronger. It had taken his breath away! He had never expected that a rule cultivator could be this powerful.

Just imagine a rule cultivator with a higher level than Mr. Wan's. If the rune he made was used by a master of the Wonder Realm, how mighty could the effect be? When thinking of that, Darren decided that he needed to search for information about rule cultivators.

"Right now, the most important thing I need to do is to advance my power and cultivation base. However, having not yet fused the blade and sword intents is an obstacle of the advancement of the cultivation base. It's perfectly fine when I am at Mysterious Realm, but things are going to get difficult if I still haven't fused the blade and sword intents when I am in the Wonder Realm."

Darren took out the parchment scroll Mathew left him while he was still thinking of it. He had not had the opportunity to check on it until now.

"Talent Roll? Mr. Xiao mentioned the Talent Roll as well."

Darren's curiosity was spurred at the first glance of these several characters.

"Darren, if you desire to fuse the sword intent and blade intent, you need to develop your own blade intent and forge it into blade core, in which case you will have the opportunity to merge it with sword intent. And the key of the fusion of blade intent and sword intent is the Primitive Stone, which can only be found inside the Raksa Sea. The search will definitely be a hard trip!

Even entering the Raksa Sea is no easy task. The simplest way to get into it is to be ranked among top 100 in Talent Roll, in which case you shall be granted a pass to enter it. There are other ways, but they all are extremely difficult, so I won't tell you."


In the following two hours, Darren finished reading Mathew's letter, which dictated things Darren needed to remember.

But it

fifth stage of Mysterious Realm!"

Darren was delighted because he had advanced considerably far in such a short time, and his defense abilities had been enhanced greatly as well!

He found it difficult to comprehend the third stage, so he decided to put the Nine Changes of the Demon aside and began studying the supernatural blade skill he obtained from the Starry Tower.

"It's veritably a martial skill of supernatural level. It's difficult for me to comprehend."

Darren frowned after he had been studying it for a while.

Luck had helped him comprehend the Nine Changes of the Demon, which was of legendary level, because he had absorbed demonic internal force and turned it into a demon core. He also successfully forged the sword core because he absorbed an enormous amount of sword intent!

Luck had played a vital role in his improvement.

But the same could not be said with this blade skill. It required Darren's own talent to perceive it. Only when he had mastered it could there be a chance for him to fuse the blade and sword intents.

"Screw it. As long as I keep spending time and effort on it, I believe I can perceive the blade intent soon." Darren was exceedingly determined to master this supernatural martial skill!

All of a sudden, he heard an alarming sound!

The earth began to tremor wildly, shaking the bamboo forest outside the cottage.


A gigantic palm came out from nowhere and smashed the Ilmen Sect into a crater on the ground!

"Who killed my son? Who?"

The earth and the sky seemed to be falling to pieces as this forceful voice shouted.

"I'm lucky this bamboo forest is ten miles away from the main peak of Ilmen Sect! Otherwise I would have been smashed into a pile of meat. I have to get out of here immediately!"

Darren hastily gathered his things and ran.

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