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   Chapter 99 Waving Good-bye

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Nobody knew who she was. What she just said brought confusion to everyone.

However, everyone was attracted by her graceful figure and pretty face. She was so beautiful you could say she was on par with Elsa. Their beauty had their own merits, but both were equally striking.

The moment she appeared, many disciples' hearts thumped faster. They couldn't catch their breaths at the sight of her beautifully astonishing face.

The elders were shocked too. They didn't remember there was such a beautiful lady in the Ilmen Sect.

After a while, they vaguely remembered that she was the girl who came to Ilmen Sect years ago, the one who was injured.

"Yes. It must be her!" The elders looked at her more closely to confirm their speculations.

While the others tried to guess her identity, a sweet and pleasant voice spoke up, "My name is Hailey Yao. I have been in the Ilmen Sect for years. I'm so sorry that I couldn't do anything when the sect was in danger."

"Then why did you come out now?" Darren was a bit shocked as well when he saw her pretty face. He asked her as he recovered from his trance.

The girl walked towards Darren with a faint smile. "You killed the young master of the Blade Holy Land. I'm afraid Ilmen Sect would face destruction very soon. Since my shelter will be razed to the ground, I am forced to leave. But I didn't mean to just stand around and watch Ilmen Sect fall to the ground. Please trust me."

"Ha-ha! You don't need to feel guilty. Since you're not a disciple of Ilmen Sect, it should be none of your business. Nobody will dare stop you. You can leave now," Darren said calmly.

Hailey nodded and handed an ancient book to Darren. "Read the book carefully. It speaks about the Talent Roll. I hope I see your name on the Talent Roll one day. You're truly a gifted talent. See you."

With that, she sprang lightly and flew away with grace. Darren was astonished by the powerful vital energy emanating from her.

'She has obviously reached the Wonder Realm!' he thought.

The elders were shocked as well. Then a discussion began among them.

"She was heavily injured when she came to the Ilmen Sect and was taken in by our sect head. Since then, nobody has ever seen her again. It's remarkable that she has already reached the Wonder Realm!"

"Yes. I remember her from several years ago, back then she was only a cultivator at the eighth stage of the Mysterious Realm. How could she improve in such speed? She must be a talent from some Holy Land."

But if she has reached the Wonde

Clark and Ezra waved good-bye to Darren and then flew away.

The ruined square was empty. When a gust of cold wind blew, it looked more bleak.

"Darren, where are you going?" Thomas asked, staring sadly into the distance.

"First, I have to go and look for Elsa. I still have many things to accomplish. Why not come with me? I know you're worried about Elsa."

With a long sigh, Thomas waved his hand. "I won't go with you. I'm sure that you would find her," he answered.

Darren was about to ask why Thomas didn't want to find Elsa with him but Thomas signaled him to stop. Then Thomas continued, "Darren, I could tell that you treat Elsa better than anyone else. As her father, I'm truly happy for her. Young people should go out and see the world for themselves. When you find Elsa, please tell her that I have returned to my hometown. I will be very happy to see you both come back and visit me in the future"

Thomas tried to hide his sadness, but tears streamed down his cheeks.

"We will definitely visit you," Darren said. He knew that Thomas must have had his reasons to not go with him. Since he didn't want to talk about it, Darren didn't ask further. He continued, "Elder Thomas, please take care of yourself."

Thomas nodded and looked back at Darren. "Please take good care of Elsa. I hope you two find happiness and never part."

With that, Thomas turned to leave.

"Take care, father!" Darren shouted behind Thomas, hoping to assure him more with the word "father".

Thomas trembled, tears streaming down his cheeks. He murmured, "I'm relieved. My daughter would be very happy. Thank you, Darren."

Then he strode forward and disappeared in the distance.

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