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   Chapter 98 The Talent Roll

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The wind howled and the thunder roared. The intense sword intent from the fight tore everything apart as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The crowd on the ground looked up at the young man. He had become a legend.

"That is Darren..."

"The genius of this world, at least within our range of cognition."

"Just look at him. Looks like God played favorites and showered him with blessings. How dazzling!"

Murmuring sounds dissipated in the wind.

Above the sky, Simon's Void Divine Fist was smashed into pieces. All of a sudden, his pupils dilated and darkened. His body disappeared into thin air as if it had never existed, as if he were merely sand blown away by the wind, and just like that, he was gone.

The crowd went mute for a while. Then they roared loudly in sorrow and rage.

They screamed at Darren like a roaring ocean with a wild current.

Darren instantly fell from above the moment his sword intent vanished. His face was as pale as a sheet, and grey film covered his eyes. At the sight of his face, the crowd's cheers turned into worry and fear.

Everyone could see that he was clearly on the brink of death. He had consumed all his blood essence after he was injured seriously, and now it seemed like there was nothing anyone could do.

The crowd ran to catch him when they saw his figure falling.

The people could not help but sob at the sight of his pale face. He was their savior, the legendary figure they knew, and there was a big chance they might lose him.

"No, please, please do not die..."

Everyone prayed from the bottom of their hearts.

"Take me to him," Michael moved his dry mouth and said to Wayne softly.

Michael's tears trickled down his cheek when he cast his eyes upon Darren and saw what he looked like.

"Let us try to save his life, Wayne." Michael pleaded in a very weak voice.

"I will do my best to save his life even if you do not demand it. You and I have known each other for life and I would like for us to continue our brotherhood in the Netherworld."

The two old men stopped moaning and smiled at each other, "To die for the unparalleled genius is to die a worthy death."

"Burn! Burn our corrupted bodies into the spring of life to the boy's rescue!"

Runes flashed, one after another, as Wayne muttered his words. A green flame full of the energy of life came out of the old men's bodies and into Darren's body.

Darren's cheeks gradually became rosy as the two old men's bodies faded into ashes. His broken body recovered quickly and a beam of light once again shone at the deep darkness in his soul.

He had come back from the brink of death.

But by then, the two old men had vanished completely. They had traded their lives f

his. His words solidified his decision. He was going to die, and there was nothing he could do about it.


The young man's head fell on the ground as Darren's sword slashed at his head with a whistling sound.

"Whoever sets the value of human life at naught should die, even the son of the god."

"Thank God he killed that beast!""

Warm applause rose from the crowd.

"It is your turn now, Alan." Darren continued in a calmly terrifying tone.

"Ha-ha! I have nothing to live for anymore. I don't care if you kill me!" Alan howled with laughter.

"There is no quick death for somebody like you. There is no way I am giving you the easy way out. Now, let me tell you something."

Darren approached Alan and whispered to his ear.

Alan stopped laughing immediately. His face became a mixture of anguish and anger.

"You! It was you!" He was so heartbroken upon hearing Darren's revelation that his fingers trembled from the pain.

"He deserved it." Darren swung his sword and cut off Alan's meridians, depriving all of his cultivation base.

"Why don't you just kill him, Darren?" The audience glared at Alan with intense hatred.

"Trust me. It would be more painful for him to live like this. This is the rightful punishment for such a villain." Darren turned his back from Alan.

Alan huddled on the ground. The saliva drained from his mouth and tears trickled down on his face. He hoped that he had never lived.

The crisis was over at last.

"What an extraordinary young man! I would have helped you if I were strong enough. Darren, Now that the Talent Roll has appeared, I expect to see your name listed among the first hundred. Maybe you can enter the Sky Chart in ten years,"

said a beautiful voice. All of a sudden, a figure of supernatural beauty appeared not far from the scene.

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