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   Chapter 97 Blood Dragon Phantom (Part Two)

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"Hmmm, you are more arrogant than me, little insect! Soon you will know your folly to have come into this world," Simon said in a fury.

As his words left him, his figure flashed like a line making shapes in the Shield Dome. In the blink of an eye, dozens of disciples had lost their limbs. Cleaved arms and legs covered the Shield Dome like a slaughterhouse.

"How's it going? You must be furious to see your fellow disciples mangled like slaughtered sheep. Do you feel useless?" Simon said, his taunt in his voice. "You are still wet behind the ears, little warrior. Your little girlfriend is exceedingly beautiful. I wonder if you will still like her when her face is torn and her legs broken?"

Simon now stepped toward Elsa.

Panic shot through Darren's heart. His breath expanded violently before Simon could make his move.

"Fuck you!" Darren gave a loud shout and shot toward Simon like an arrow.

Darren had not yet used his last resort. He only wished to prevent Simon from harming Elsa.


Darren was hit by Simon's palm and flew backward. "Save me, Elsa!" Darren called out as he was pushed back.

Suppressed by Simon's aura of death, Elsa was dumbfounded and could not move an inch. She did not regain her composure until she heard Darren's voice and saw his body being thrown by Simon's blow. Without hesitation, she placed a drop of blood essence on the rune paper Darren gave her before and triggered its effect.

In an instant, Elsa's figure faded away with the glint of the rune paper.

"Hmm? You want to escape?" Simon found something was wrong and delivered his palm into Elsa's torso.

A stream of blood spurted from Elsa's fading figure before she could vanish completely.

"Darren… " Only now did Elsa realize that Darren was saving her. What he had told her before was a lie. The rune paper

eyond his cognition. How could a Spirit Realm juvenile possess an Omnipotent Talent Skill? It was too incredible to believe.

It meant two Darrens and two thousand-fold sword intent!

"Omnipotent Talent Skill, Void Divine Fist!" Now, Simon finally felt the deadly threat from Darren's wild sword intent. He immediately carried out his own Omnipotent Talent Skill after repelling another Elder.

His strength at the Wonder Realm was carried out to its fullest extent, causing a rumbling that echoed between heaven and earth like tens of thousands of demonic monsters were galloping.

"Young master, I will have to kill him under such circumstances. There is no holding back now," Simon said silently, as a colossal fist shot against Darren like it had descended from the depths of hell.

Without any fear, Darren gave a devious smile and gently uttered a single word, "Mingle!"

This was the second stage of the Blood Dragon Phantom.

The two figures of Darren joined together in a flash as the blood essence inside both Darrens burnt wildly.

The newly combined Darren now contained double the two thousand-fold sword intent.

"Four thousand-fold sword intent! Die!" Darren shouted, his face twisted by rage.

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