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   Chapter 96 Blood Dragon Phantom (Part One)

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Several Elders gaped at Darren. They dared not believe his words, nor did they dare to deny him outright. Darren was like a divine miracle that they could not deny nor give up.

"Darren, what are your odds of success if we go and distract him?"

The Elder of the School of Spear Skill stepped forward and asked Darren in a solemn voice.

"Elder Clark, you will put yourself in jeopardy if you try to distract him, you may even die. Please think twice,"

Darren said. Everyone knew in the bottom of their hearts that tangling with a Wonder Realm master was to bring about one's own destruction.

"Ha ha ha, a true man should live his life with an indomitable spirit. Why should I feel frightened if I can die with honor and dignity? I am not afraid of dying. I am happy to see a genius like you before my end," Clark said in a rich and powerful tone, causing several disciples from the School of Spear Skill to kneel down in silence as tears fell from their cheeks.

"You are a hero, Elder Clark. My odds are over fifty percent if you can break his attention from me!" With the help of Wayne's rune, Darren was quite confident he could succeed.

"Fifty percent?" It was clear on their faces that Wayne and several Elders did not believe Darren's words, though they kept their silence.

"If Darren says he is confident in defeating Simon, then I believe him wholeheartedly. Count me in on this plan!" Thomas waved his sleeve and unsheathed his long sword with a flourish.

Then, he turned to Darren and said, "I was mistaken about you before and I apologize for my actions towards you in the past. Promise me that you will take good care of Elsa if you two make it out alive. As her father, I feel that I have failed her."

As Thomas's voice broke off, tears coursed down Elsa's cheeks as she felt the emotion in

Seeing Simon was indifferent to his words, the man knelt and put his head to the ground like a chicken pecking a rice grain.

"You wish for me to obey your commands? Will I still have my pride then?" Simon gave an excited laugh and clamped his palm over the disciple's face. He brought his fingers together slowly, the force cracked and contorted the disciple's face, just destroying his jaw.

"Good, Simon. You did well! Now break Darren's arms and legs. Remember not to kill him instantly! Ha ha ha." The young master was quite satisfied with Simon's act.

"Lad, you really astonished me." Then Simon walked to Darren and said, "You are a genius that could be hardly seen in five hundred years among martial artists. It's quite a pity to kill you. But it's a world where strength and power dominate everything. You have offended our young master and thus your death is deserved."

Darren kept his composure and said coldly, "You are an embarrassment. I've never seen someone proud of slaughtering warriors beneath them for the fun of it. As a Wonder Realm master, aren't you ashamed of yourself? You indeed are an arrogant bastard, but don't let it get to your head. For me, you are even worse than filth!"

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