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   Chapter 95 A Thousand-fold Sword Intent

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Darren concentrated hard. Using his mind, he dripped a small amount of blood essence onto the rune-covered paper, which immediately burned up.

"Wow, what a wonderful feeling!"

The next moment, his figure suddenly rushed to the masters of the Wonder Realm in the sky.

"What? It's Darren! Has he lost his mind? He's rushing to those masters!" someone cried out in surprise, noticing his movements.

"Darren is rushing to those masters at the Wonder Realm! I can't believe it! What the hell is he doing? He's freaking out!"

The people who were standing around Darren's original position also began screaming.

Even Elsa turned pale with fear. She didn't know why Darren had suddenly flown into the sky without warning.

"Father, stop Darren. Please," Elsa begged Thomas, worried tears pooling in her eyes.

"Goddamn it!" Thomas felt angry at Darren. "He gets in trouble every time. Alas! How many sins have I committed? Why did I get such a troublemaker as a disciple! He's causing trouble at such a critical time!"

Thomas grumbled as his momentum surged up. He was trying to fly over to stop Darren.

"Well, I wouldn't have tried to save him… but I'm afraid he'll get in our leader's way." "Dad, come on! Stop complaining, and stop him now," Elsa begged Thomas, her voice cracking.

"Shut up!" Wayne suddenly shouted sternly. His roar made everyone stand still.

"It's up to Darren to kill the cultivators at the Wonder Realm." Wayne's whisper reached their ears like a thunderclap before the crowd could recover from their pause.

On the other side of the battle ring, Alan and the young man looked up into the sky, bursting into laughter as they saw what Darren was doing.

"This boy must be a fool. How dare he rush at the cultivators of the Wonder Realm! How ridiculous!" Of course, Darren's actions didn't escape one of the two cultivators at the Wonder Realm.

However, like everyone else, he thought the boy was on a suicide mission and couldn't be bothered to care.

But Moore was completely unaware of Darren's arrival.

In a flash, Darren appeared next to him.

"Huh? Where did the boy come from?" Moore finally noticed him, but he was trying to hide from Michael's Omnipotent Talent Skill and didn't care about some no-name cultivator.

Darren channeled the power of his mind, and a wonderful sword with a purple glow suddenly appeared in his hand!

At the same time, the rune paper in his other hand began to glow strangely.

Close to the battlefield where those cultivators at the Wonder Realm were, Darren felt the pressure gro

ith relief.

"Darren's not dead. He's alive!"

Exclamations of joy rose from one to another. Soon, the loud cheers had grown deafening.

"Go get Master Michael!" Darren shouted at once.

Hearing his words, Clark immediately ran to the place where Michael fell, and picked up the emaciated cultivator.

"He is badly injured." Clark shed silent tears at the sight of Michael, wiping them away with his sleeve.

"It's not time to celebrate yet." Wayne looked gravely up into the sky. There was still a cultivator at the Wonder Realm, after all.

Everyone came to the realization that Darren had killed only one cultivator at the Wonder Realm. Now that Michael was seriously injured, no one had any idea about what to do next.

"A genius! You're an amazing genius, young man." The enemy's voice rang out like a great bell.

"It's enough to shock the world for you, a cultivator at the Spirit Realm, to kill a cultivator at the Wonder Realm even if you used the power of a rule cultivator. Rest in peace, Moore. Your death has created a legend, and I will be the one to kill it. Ha-ha-ha!"

The ominous clouds still hung over the sky, and gloom set back into everyone's heart. "Mr. Wan, this rune can be used one more time, right?" Darren asked quietly, frowning.

"Yes. This rune can be used twice, but Darren, even if you raise your sword intent a thousand times, you will be killed by the cultivator at the Wonder Realm in his prime. Run away, and hope you get the chance to avenge the dead someday," Wayne sighed helplessly.

"No, I still have a way to kill him… If only someone can distract him a little!"

Darren's words once again shocked everyone, sparking a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

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