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   Chapter 94 The Right Time (Part Two)

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"Big deal! You think only you have an Omnipotent Talent Skill, right?" Michael sneered. Then Michael released his vital energy as he reached a hand over his head. A moment later, thousands of palm-shaped forces dropped from the sky.

"Myriad Palm Shadows! Attack!"

"Thunder Firing Blade Intent!"

Michael and Moore, two cultivators of the Wonder Realm, exerted their Omnipotent Talent Skills at the same time.

In the face of the god-like forces coming together between Michael and Moore, the bystanders watched with bulging eyes and breaths held in their chests.

"Gods bless us! Bless Master Michael to win this fight! Otherwise, we would die here today."

Many of disciples began praying to the gods for help.

"Get ready, Darren!" Wayne whispered to Darren. "This round will consume half of Moore's energy. It's all about the timing."

Darren observed for a while and shook his head, speechless. Wayne didn't know what he meant by that.

"What's that look? Opportunity knocks. Don't miss your chance, Darren!" Wayne said anxiously.

"No, it's not the right time yet. The force will throw me to the ground before I can get close. Then I will have no chance to approach them." Darren calmly explained to Wayne. A choice made hastily would only cost them everything. Darren told himself to be patient and keep calm while he waited for the right moment.

"Okay, I trust your decision!" Wayne decided to put all of his trust in Darren when he saw the determination sparkling in the young man's eyes.

Darren walked to Elsa and took out a rune paper from his pocket. He handed it to her and said, "Elsa, this is what Mr. Wan gave to me as a gift. And now I want you to take it."

"No! I can't t

ortunity. He activated his Myriad Palm Shadows again. In a flash, thousands of palms flew toward Moore.

"Fuck! You old bastard! Don't you know how close to death you will be after you exert this skill?" Moore yelled at Michael with a shock and horror. He had never expected Michael would launch such an attack now that both of their energies were so depleted.

But Moore had no choice but to counter Michael's attack. Otherwise, death was a foregone conclusion.

He jumped up and grasped the great blade in the sky. He held it there and waved it in a circular motion, drawing its energies. Thousands of blade-shaped forces flew from it, targeting Michael's approaching palms. Then Moore retreated at once.

"Good for you, Moore! You cunning guy! Fight against his Omnipotent Talent Skill with your supernatural martial kill in order to save your energy to run away! Well done! It'll be easy to kill the old bastard now," Simon marveled, nodding with giddiness.

"Now. The time has come." Darren murmured and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, bright rays of light shot from his eyes and a rune paper appeared in his hand.

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